How Stories Play an Important Role in a Child’s Development?

We are all enticed by stories. Stories take us to completely different places. They introduce us to some characters that we tend to adore and to some other characters that we tend to dislike. In a nutshell, stories bring out the characteristics of our own personalities through their characters. What we like in a person and what we don’t, speaks volumes about who we are as individuals.

Not only adults but also children are greatly affected by what they read. That is why selecting good reads for them is very crucial. There are millions of stories that you might have come across to date. Giving your child the perfect fusion of various genres of stories for kids can work wonders in his/her growth years. Here, let’s talk about how stories can play an important role in your child’s development.

Why are stories important?

1.   Linguistic Understanding

Stories improve children’s linguistic understanding. When kids read, they come across new words and phrases. This builds better vocabulary and sentence formation skills.

2.   Imagination

Stories can be entirely true or completely illusory. While children read stories, they get to imagine new worlds, new characters, and get exposed to various kinds of emotions. Thus, reading develops sound imagination in the readers.

3.   Creativity

Creativity is the life and blood of story writing. Young readers get exposure to creative writing when they read different kinds of stories and their plots. Hence, we can say that stories also bring creativity to kids.

4.   Builds a good habit

Reading stories encourages the habit of reading. So, stories build a good habit i.e. of reading. They raise enthusiasm in the young minds to read more.

5.   Culture and Lifestyle

Stories make the readers more aware of the culture and lifestyle they belong to. They keep the young minds linked to how society works, what practices are considered good and what deeds are held as bad. Stories can also promote better understanding, respect, and admiration for other cultures.

The above-mentioned are some of the reasons how stories are crucial when it comes to your child’s overall development.

Children who inculcate the habit of reading in their formative years are more likely to become avid readers in the future. And, we all know the importance of reading. The more one reads, the more knowledge one procures. Thus, an engaging and correct mix of stories can prove to be highly beneficial for your child.

There are multiple genres of stories that are quite famous among kids. For instance, stories from the Panchatantra, bedtime stories,moral stories, fairy tales, Akbar-Birbal stories, etc. These stories impart morals, wit, humour, and a lot of fun to the little readers. The characters, plot, etc. are set in such a way that kids find them interesting to read and take away with them scores of knowledge.

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