4 Tips For Hiring A Building Inspection Company

Before investing in or selling a building, it’s important to have it evaluated by a professional building inspector. As a buyer, you need to know what you’re investing in. Are there any existing issues, damages, or defects with the building?

As a seller, you’re obligated to sell your building honestly. You wouldn’t want to make a name for yourself in the community for conducting shady business ethics.

The question is, how do you find the best building inspection company in the area? We would like to help you answer this question. Keep reading for four tips you can use today to find the right building inspector for your needs.

1. Get Recommendations From Other Property Owners

Confirming building safety and structural integrity is of no small importance. Therefore, it’s only natural to seek a building inspection specialist that comes well recommended.

Start your search by talking to other local building owners. Ideally, you should talk to property owners that own similar types of property to the one you need to be inspected. Residential inspections and commercial building inspections differ greatly.

2. Find Online Reviews

If you don’t know any other property owners, you can take your search online. We recommend using Google or any other search engine to find local building inspectors. Then, visit each of their websites to find reviews and testimonials left by their previous customers.

The customer reviews you find should tell you a lot about the professional building inspection company’s customer services, communication skills, punctuality, professionalism, and more. Are most of their customers happy with the work performed by the inspector? Do you see any negative reviews or complaints?

For an example of the types of reviews you should be looking for, visit and take a look at the testimionials left by their customers.

3. Make Sure They’re Available When You Need Them

Next, if you’re looking for a pre-purchase inspection, you might be working with a strict timeline. If you’re selling the building, major delays in the process could result in losing the buyer. As a buyer, you’re probably antsy to move in and start your business.

Regardless of which position you’re in, the availability of the building inspection company is important. Call the local inspectors and find out how soon they can come out to the property in question to perform their inspection.

4. Inquire About Their Fees

Finally, understand that building inspection fees can vary based on the company or private contractor you use. However, we urge you not to automatically go with the cheapest building inspector you find.

While a low-cost building inspection company is appealing, you need to verify their other credentials. A more expensive inspector might have better training, better certifications, better reviews, and more experience. Naturally, this type of inspector will provide you with the best and most accurate results.

Looking for a Building Inspection Company You Can Trust?

If you’re about to buy or sell a property, it’s absolutely essential to get a professional building inspection. Use our guide to find the best company or contractor for the job. And remember, it’s okay to vet multiple specialists before making your decision.

For more business insight or consumer tips, stick around and look through some of the other articles on our blog. Our website was created to be a rich source of information for people like you.

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