How You Can Prepare For the Ski Season in a Pandemic

The ski season may still be a couple of months away, but it shouldn’t stop people from preparing for it. The pandemic may have made the future uncertain, but having something to look forward to can help people improve their mental health.

Since ski-related sports are outdoor activities, they are relatively safer if people follow health protocols to avoid getting infected. So, people have to avoid crowds, especially when the ski season comes. They should also avoid socializing with people who are a part of their household. Here are the other things that people can do to prepare for the ski season.

Plan the Trip

The surge in the number of cases last year compelled ski resorts to adopt new rules to ensure the safety of their guests and employees. The situation has since improved due to the vaccination of more than 50 percent of the population. But the emergence of new variants of the virus may compel the authorities and resorts to implement measures to protect everyone’s health.

Due to this, people should make sure to plan their ski trips ahead of time. With the pandemic still ongoing, resorts may not accept walk-ins and require guests to have prior reservations. People should also expect many guests on the weekends, which means they can opt to visit the ski resorts on a weekday.

They should also expect limits to the number of guests a resort can accommodate to avoid spreading the virus, especially with the more transmissible delta variant becoming the dominant variant in the country. They should also have secondary plans in case the resort they’re planning to visit is full.

Check for Restrictions

People planning to travel for the ski season should also check any restrictions that the authorities may implement. Interstate travel is already easier with the lifting of restrictions by state authorities. While many states lifted restrictions related to the virus, it’s still possible for these states to reimpose restrictions if the current surge of cases will continue until the winter.

Traveling to another country also requires Americans to check the guidelines at their destination. Some countries may require mandatory quarantine, while others may require travelers to be fully vaccinated. People should also remember that they may need to have a negative test before going back to the US. With this in mind, they should consider the days they spend in quarantine and expenses for the test before they plan to travel abroad.

Use Personal Gear

People who are used to renting gear at the resort may want to reconsider this practice until after the pandemic. While the virus spreads through droplets and small particles, they can also contaminate surfaces that people with the virus touch.

So, if an asymptomatic individual rented gear in the resort, the virus can infect the next person who uses the gear. The resort may clean and disinfect the gear between uses, but it’s a good idea for people to use their gear. At this point, it may be a good time to buy a pair of Nordica ski boots, jackets, pants, and ski accessories. Designed for comfort and performance, the gear is ideal for anyone looking to explore the slopes once ski season opens.

Consider Smaller Resorts

Big crowds converge in popular ski resorts across the country. This can increase the risk of getting infected even if the resort limits the number of people on the slopes. In this situation, people may not even get to reserve the dates they intend to visit the resort. While some resorts guarantee tickets for guests who stay in lodgings it owns, not all may offer this privilege.

Instead of bigger resorts, people can look for smaller resorts that offer similar services. These independent resorts may even offer packages for guests who stay with them. Aside from being affordable, these resorts also allow people to stay away from the crowds that visit more popular resorts.

Eat Al Fresco

Eating al fresco will become a part of the daily life of many people until the pandemic is over. Even though masks can reduce the risk of infection, people have to take them off when they eat. And eating in an enclosed space increases the risk of infection.

With this, resorts may set up outdoor seating for their guests to minimize the risk of infection. Seating capacity will also be limited to ensure social distancing in the dining area. If indoor dining is necessary, the tables will be six feet away from each other.

Preparing early for the ski season allows people to plan for contingencies if their original plans do not push through.

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