Baltimore Business Journal’s Top Picks for Up-and-Coming Businesses to Watch in Charm City

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Baltimore is home to a thriving business scene that continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors from all over the country. From tech startups to innovative restaurants, the city’s diverse economy is ripe with potential for new and exciting ventures.

To help guide you through this bustling business landscape, we’ve scoured the pages of the Baltimore Business Journal to bring you our top picks for up-and-coming businesses to watch in Charm City. Whether you’re a local looking to invest in your community or an outsider looking for the next big thing, these businesses are sure to catch your eye.

Mindgrub Technologies

Founded in 2002, Mindgrub Technologies is a digital agency specializing in mobile app development, website design, and digital marketing. With offices in Baltimore, New York City, and Washington D.C., Mindgrub has worked with clients such as Wendy’s, Exelon, and the Smithsonian Institution. They were also named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies in America in 2018.

The Charmery

If you have a sweet tooth, The Charmery is sure to catch your attention. This Baltimore-based ice cream shop was founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife team David and Laura Alima. Using locally-sourced ingredients and inventive flavor combinations, The Charmery has quickly become a local favorite. They’ve even collaborated with other Baltimore businesses, such as Union Craft Brewing, to create unique flavor pairings.


OrderUp is a food delivery service that connects customers with local restaurants. Founded in 2009, the company has expanded to more than 40 markets across the United States. In 2015, OrderUp was acquired by Groupon, providing even more resources to continue growing its business.


Groove is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow through online advertising, website design, and content marketing. Founded in 2007, the company has worked with clients such as National Geographic, Hershey’s, and Johnson & Johnson. They’ve also been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies in America for five consecutive years.

Union Craft Brewing

Baltimore has a thriving craft beer scene, and Union Craft Brewing is one of its shining stars. Founded in 2011 by three friends, the brewery has quickly become a local favorite. They’re known for their flagship beer, Duckpin Pale Ale, as well as their commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

Facet Wealth

Facet Wealth is a financial planning company that uses technology to provide personalized investment advice to its clients. Founded in 2016, the company has quickly gained traction in the financial services industry. In 2020, they raised $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Warburg Pincus.

Sagamore Spirit

Sagamore Spirit is a whiskey distillery located in Baltimore’s Port Covington neighborhood. Founded in 2016, the company uses water from a natural limestone spring in Maryland to create its signature rye whiskey. They also offer tours and tastings at their distillery, which has quickly become a popular tourist destination.


ZeroFOX is a cybersecurity company that helps businesses protect their online presence from social media threats such as phishing scams and fake accounts. Founded in 2013, the company has received numerous accolades for its innovative approach to cybersecurity. They’ve also raised more than $150 million in funding from investors such as Redline Capital and Intel Capital.

Monument City Brewing Company

Another standout in Baltimore’s craft beer scene is Monument City Brewing Company. Founded in 2014, the brewery is known for its American-style beers such as 51 Rye and Battle IPA. In addition to their taproom and beer garden, they also offer tours and events throughout the year.

Terbium Labs

Terbium Labs is a cybersecurity company that uses its patented Matchlight technology to monitor the dark web for stolen data. Founded in 2013, the company has been recognized for its innovative approach to data protection. They’ve also received funding from investors such as Techstars and Osage Venture Partners.


Baltimore is a city full of potential for up-and-coming businesses. From digital agencies to craft breweries, there’s no shortage of innovation and entrepreneurship in Charm City. The businesses listed here are just a small sample of the many exciting ventures taking place in Baltimore today. By keeping an eye on these and other up-and-coming businesses, you’ll be well-positioned to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the city’s growing economy.

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