Board Games for Kids – Best for Kids of any age

Board games are competitive games that test the tactics and strategies of kids. There are many classic games like Monopoly which can be played with the whole family. Nowadays board games are still made for kids but all the family members play them together for fun.

While selecting the board games for kids, people get different recommendations and miss out on the best ones out there in the market or sometimes they don’t know how to choose the perfect board games for kids.

It is very important to get the board game that kids have fun playing either alone on with friends or family.

The best way to find board games for kids is to ask for recommendations or surf the web.

Some things to keep in mind while choosing the best board games for kids

1: Number of people playing

Board games are usually played with 2 or more people but there are some games are have a fixed number of players, it is usually written in the box of the game.

It doesn’t matter that it can only be played by kids, older people can also play these games with their kids.

2: Theme

Selecting the theme is very important because the mental state of kids are always improving or changing and their taste in-game and other things change over time.

Choose the game based on the theme kids like so that they can have fun.

3: Type of Board game

Selecting the type of board game that kids like is very important as they will have more fun while playing it.

There are different types of board games for kids which include strategy games, puzzle games and Monopoly

4: Complexity

Complexity is the difficulty level of the game and it includes different levels. You want to choose the game that makes your kids have an interest while playing it, it can help in making their brains sharper and train them for decision making.

5: Focus

Focus is very important while playing a board game because it keeps everyone involved. You want to choose a game that doesn’t make kids bored while playing it and they play it with full attention, choose a game that where all players are involved at all times.

Some of the best board games for kids are given below:

Connect 4 Game

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This game is for 2 Players only, Players have to choose from 2 colour Disks, either Red or Yellow, First Player to collect 4 disks of the same colour wins. This is considered one of the best board games for kids of small age.

Richard Scarry’s Bussytown, Eye found it

This Board contains 6 feet sized town where you race through it and find specific things inside the town.

Eye Found It encourages teamwork, promotes attention to detail, and reinforces object identification and matching skills

Kids have fun and build confidence every time they say, “I found it!”

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

It makes a great activity for kids to stay entertained, and learn outside of the classroom.

Instructions on how to Play it:

Spin the spinner and pick up the matching acorn with your Squirrel Squeezer, placing it in your log. The first to collect 5 acorns wins

Shutes and Ladders

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It is a classic game of up and down in which you have to spin the spinner and move the pawn up and down on the ladder and players have to watch out for the chutes or else they will drop down and have to start all over again.

Mouse Trap Board Game

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This board game challenges players to get their mouse around the game board without getting trapped.

Players have to take turns building the Mouse Trap while moving around the gameboard, where you have to use the trap to capture opponents’ mice.

The last uncaptured mouse on the Mouse Trap gameboard will win.

Other than these games there are many other board games for kids that you can select to play with your family,

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