How to Change Reddit Username – The Ultimate Guide

How to Change Reddit Username? There will be a time when you might wind up feeling that the username you choose while making your Reddit account is not good.

Reddit username Change Time

The name you picked while making your account, you’re left with it. Reddit doesn’t permit you to change your self-doled-out username, and the best way to get around it is to make another account. You’re permitted to make however many accounts as you like yet you can’t adjust one account with another.

You can change your haphazardly doled-out Reddit username in a couple of straightforward advances.

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Change a Reddit Username on a Browser

If you want to know how to change reddit username on pc, below you will find all of the instructions.

  • Open your favoured internet browser on your Mac or PC and go to the Reddit main page.
  • Click on the dropdown bolt in the upper right corner and select Profile in the rundown of choices.
  • You’ll then see spring up, inquiring as to whether you need to change your username. Click on Change Username.
  • Enter your new username, ensuring it’s between 3 to 23 characters and snap on Continue. Focus on the red text under the textbox, as it will illuminate you if the username you’re entering is satisfactory.
  • Since this will be your username perpetually, Reddit will inquire as to whether you’re certain you need to keep it. On the off chance that you are, click on Save Username.

Change a Reddit Username on a Mobile Device

How to change Reddit username on mobile? In the event that you’re utilizing the Reddit versatile application, here are the moves toward changing your preassigned username.

And this guide will also show you how to change Reddit username on phone.

  • Open the Reddit application on your Android or iOS gadget.
  • Tap the profile symbol in the upper right.
  • Select My profile from the rundown of account choices.
  • Reddit will show you a spring-up inquiring as to whether you need to keep your relegated username or transform it. Tap on Change username.
  • Enter your new username and ensure it is somewhere in the range of 3 and 23 characters. Additionally, focus on the red text above – it will tell you the models your username should meet to be OK. Once finished, tap on Next in the upper right.
  • Reddit will inquire as to whether you’re certain you need to keep the username for eternity. Assuming you’re sure, tap on Save username.
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Account Switching

In the event that you’ve previously picked a username and you’re not content with it, your main decision is to make one more account and utilize that all things being equal. You don’t need to erase your old one, as the two accounts can exist without a moment’s delay.

  • Open the Reddit main page on your number one program on PC or Mac.
  • Log out of your current account by tapping on the dropdown bolt in the upper right corner.
  • From the choices in the dropdown, click on Log Out at the base.
  • Back on the Reddit main page, click on Sign Up in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your email address and snap on Continue.
  • Enter your username and secret key and snap on Sign Up in the base right when you’re finished.

Account Switching on Mobile

  • Open the Reddit application on your cell phone.
  • Tap on the profile symbol in the upper right.
  • Tap on Settings at the base.
  • Under the Account Settings, tap your username.
  • Under Basic Settings, tap on Switch accounts.
  • Select the optional account you wish to utilize.

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