New content on Netflix (March 2022) that are must-watch material

Netflix is always going above and beyond providing viewers with the best content available. This solely justifies why they are the market leaders in the streaming platform industry. From new Netflix Original to old classic films, viewers truly can find it all through an inexpensive monthly subscription. However, the hardest part about Netflix really is deciding what to watch! With new content released weekly, the options are endless! If you are interested in the newest shows, movies, and documentaries recently released on the platform, then hey, you have certainly come to the right place. Stay tuned as we discuss new content on Netflix (March 2022) that is must-watch material!

The Tinder Swindler

Some viewers believe that this show demonstrates straight-up naivety, while others believe that it captures the power of love and the extent to which individuals would go for their partner. However, the common view shared on The Tindler Swindler by all viewers is the evilness and viciousness of Simon Leviev. The cunning Leviev used the power of a dating profile on Tinder to swindle money from many women, which left them taking out excessive amounts of bank loans, leaving them in thousands of debts. The worst part? He used their money on the next woman to fall into his trap. To watch this now free man, and his crafty schemes than are sure to check out this new content on Netflix, a documentary you do not want to miss!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Calling all Kardashian fans, Netflix has finally added extra seasons onto the platform! Previously, Netflix was only showing four seasons of the famous reality hit TV series, and they must have taken the hint that viewers want more! Now, we can watch seasons 1-6 through our monthly subscription to catch up on the past life of America’s favorite and most popular family. Sometimes, watching the older episodes before each sister made it big time is more entertaining, and the early seasons show some hilariously raw footage of the younger sisters that we can no longer find on TV channels like E! Be sure to check out E if you do prefer the newer episodes. You can do so as long as you have a functioning TV aerial or satellite. Click here for TV aerial installation

Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy

This really is the one documentary that we have all been waiting a long time for. This highly anticipated documentary focuses on the megastar, Kanye West, and his career over the course of 21 years. Primarily focused on music, the documentary also captures his tremendous fashion career, his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2020, and his mother’s devastating death. After being given five-star reviews, the documentary is described as “heartwarming”, as fans witness Ye’s rise to fame and success over the years. You cannot miss this new content on Netflix, especially if you are a fan of Mr. West himself, so tune in today!

Inventing Anna

If the sound of The Tindler Swindler interests you, or if you have watched it and loved it, then can we interest you in Inventing Anna? After all, she is now being considered the female version of Mr. Leviev himself. Jennifer Garner has received praise for her role portraying Anna Sorokin, a Russian-German con artist, and fraudster who was known for tricking New York’s party people. Following her crimes, she received 4-12 years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines. To view her story and devious ways, be sure to tune into this miniseries on Netflix that has only just been released in the last few weeks.

Brahm’s: The Boy 2

If you have seen the original film “The Boy” centered around the life-size doll figure Brahm’s, then be sure to tune into the 2020 follow-up from the original 2016 movie. This time, it isn’t featured around Brahm’s babysitter and her love interest, but instead a young boy and his parents, the new residents of the Heelshires mansion. When Jude, the son of Liza and Sean finds a porcelain doll, and we already know who this could be, buried in the ground, he finds a new companion. As you can already imagine, like any scary film, after acquiring the doll, eerie events take place within the home, and Jude has a slight personality change. For a scare, be sure to check out this spooky new content on Netflix, but make sure you are ready for a bad night’s sleep first!

Worst Roommate Ever

If you love a true-crime Netflix series, and who are we kidding don’t we all, then be sure to check out Netflix’s newest release Worst Roommate Ever. The platform has recently released season 1 which features 5 episodes of different tales. Each tale tells the story of a roommate who apparently seems harmless at first before their true concerning intentions are revealed. If you had enjoyed the other true crime documentaries released by Netflix such as Night Stalker and American Murder: The Family Next Door then be sure to check out these chilling stories.

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