Will I always win money from a slot game bonus round?

The most famous game of chance in the world has gone through a massive revival in the 21st century. Slots have been around since the late 1800s and have entertained many people in their time, but with the approach of the digital age, players were gasping for something new – claim 500 free spins Fluffy Favourites.

The old-fashioned 3 reel games were not as popular as before and seemed outdated. That’s when slot developers started creating games with different layouts and most importantly, they incorporated bonus rounds into the gameplay.

In this article, we discuss one of the most asked questions about the slot bonus rounds. Do bonus rounds guarantee a win? You will find the answer below. 

The elusive bonus round 

The bonus rounds in slot games are somewhat of a holy grail. They do not come easily and only lucky players get the chance to engage in free spins or spin the prize wheel. It is true that bonus rounds can be very profitable for the player. Spinning the slot a good dozen times without any charge can top up your bankroll nicely. In many games (especially highly volatile ones), it seems like volatility gets cranked up a notch during the bonus round and big payouts come a little easier than in the base game.

It is likely for these reasons that slot developers make the bonus rounds a little harder to get. Landing a bonus round should be celebrated and is likely going to yield some winnings – that’s the general idea about bonus rounds that most players have.

However, it is possible to land a fruitless bonus round. Many players know the feeling of watching your free spins go to waste with no winning combinations to be seen. That doesn’t happen often but is very much possible in this game of chance. We explain the reasons behind this occurrence below. 

The Random-Number-Generator 

It is a well-known fact that slots are completely random games. Back in the day (20th century), slot machines relied on physical contraptions to randomize their spins. A player would pull the lever which set mechanical structures inside of the machine in motion. These structures would then set the reels in motion and eventually, the momentum of your spin would come to a halt to reveal whether you have won or not.

In modern slots, a technology called the RNG is used to randomize the spins. Thanks to the RNG, we can enjoy slots that are truly random and unpredictable.

The random-number-generator creates series of random numbers on which the outcomes of your spins are based. The outcome is decided at the exact moment when you press “spin” – the reels reveal this result in a couple of seconds. 

  • Slots are completely random thanks to the RNG. The outcomes of bonus rounds are also completely random and rely on the RNG.
  • The RNG can yield a very profitable bonus round just as much as it can yield a low-paying one. This is the unpredictable nature of slots. 


Bonus rounds are somewhat of a novelty developed to reward lucky players. They will often result in a nice payout for the player but there are no guarantees in slots as the game is completely random.

In some cases, the bonus round can yield little-to-no wins. It is all down to the RNG and the number of combinations that it produces at the time of triggering the bonus round. While winning money from a bonus round is a likely outcome, you will not always be so lucky.

To avoid disappointment, you are advised to only bet what you can afford and see slots as means of entertainment rather than investing your money. Good luck!

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