What are the scatter symbols in online slot games?

There are a variety of symbols that players will encounter while slot gaming. The scatter symbol is one of the more popular symbols that is used – play on best slots sites.

What is a Scatter Symbol? 

A scatter symbol is a term that is commonly used in online slot gaming. The term is often used extensively, with little or no explanation as to what a scatter symbol actually is. This can become incredibly frustrating for newer players. A scatter symbol is essentially a special symbol that will lead players to another section of the game such as a free spins feature or even a wheel of fortune. It is called scatter because, unlike other symbols on the reels which have to all be aligned, as long as there are three or more scatter symbols in view the bonus will be triggered. As the name suggests, they are scattered across the reels. 

How do Scatter Symbols Work? 

These symbols perform a variety of functions for the player, often they will be game-specific. Sometimes there will even be a second function of a scatter symbol which will usually result in the player being awarded a payout of some kind. 

  1. No matter what the function of a scatter is in a slot game, all scatters will have one thing in common. They will significantly boost a player’s chance of winning.
  2. Players will need several scatters on the reels in one turn in order to activate their function, usually the amount is around three but sometimes it is less.
  3. Usually scatters will award players free spins but always keep an eye out for secondary functions such as bonus payouts. These are becoming more and more prevalent in modern slot releases.
  4. There are several variations of scatter functions with free spins being the most common. Other scatter functions include a bonus wheel style mini game and even a choice where players must select the correct hidden image. 

Scatters vs Wilds 

Another popular symbol that can be found on the reels is wild symbols. These symbols can replace other symbols on the reels to create an otherwise unobtainable winning pay line. The two symbols are often confused by players. 

●     The main purpose of a scatter symbol is to activate bonus features for players such as free spins. Wilds’ main purpose is to replace symbols on the reels to create a winning pay line.

●     Wilds cannot replace every symbol on the reel, there are a few exceptions such as free spins symbols and even scatter symbols.

●     While scattering symbols generally remain constantly similar, there are a large variety of wild symbols which players can encounter. These variations include stacked wilds, sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and shifting wilds.

●     Scatters generally perform three functions, they either take places to the bonus feature, award players with free spins, or sometimes just give players a small payout


A scatter symbol may seem similar to the wild symbol but it actually performs a completely different function. Its main function is to trigger bonus features for the player like free spins.

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