Elden Ring Best Rune Farming Spot Still Works After Update 1.05

Fans of FromSoftware’s open-world epic Elden Ring will be pleased to learn that the best location for farming runes is still functional after the release of update 1.05 for the game.

Since its release earlier this year, FromSoftware has provided ongoing support for Elden Ring by way of consistent game updates. The game has received some new quest phases and NPCs as a result of these updates; however, the primary focuses of these patches have been the elimination of bugs and the correction of imbalances. Update 1.05 for Elden Ring was just recently made available by FromSoftware. This update addresses a number of problems that had been present since the game’s initial release. It does not appear that it has changed the location of the best rune farm in the game, which is good news for anyone who was concerned about this possibility.

Those who are not familiar with the area should go to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace in Mogwyn Palace. This is the best location for farming Elden Ring runes. Players are able to farm these foes whenever they require an additional rune boost because they are all gathered together in one area at this Site of Grace and are very simple and straightforward to kill. Elden Ring players can also shoot at an enemy that resembles a bird that is located on the other side of the canyon. This will cause the bird-like enemy to run off a cliff, which will make this area even more productive for rune farming.

Players of Elden Ring can farm 5 million Elden Ring runes in one hour using these methods, which is of tremendous assistance to them whenever they need to level up any of their skills or upgrade any of their equipment. Because it is so simple for players to exploit this location in order to acquire runes quickly and easily, a number of players have been anticipating that FromSoftware will modify it in one of the upcoming updates. Specifically, they believe that FromSoftware will either reduce the number of runes that players obtain for each run or prevent the bird enemy from falling off the cliff.

Due to the fact that it is still functional following the installation of update 1.05, it would appear that FromSoftware has no plans to alter the location that provides the best opportunity to farm Elden Ring runes. Farming can be done easily by Elden Ring players if they go to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace and work there. However, there is always a chance that it will be nerfed or otherwise altered in a future update, so players of the Elden Ring should keep that in mind.

The Elden Ring update 1.05 did not bother to change the location of the best rune farming spot; however, it did remove one of the strategies that players had been utilizing to gain an advantage against specific bosses in the game. Before the 1.05 patch, players of Elden Ring could find ways to attack certain bosses before actually going through their fog gates if they used certain strategies. The most recent patch addresses this issue, which previously enabled players to exploit a loophole and “cheat” their way through defeating bosses without ever actually engaging in combat with them. Players of Elden Ring will now be required to engage in straight-up combat with the game’s bosses or come up with an alternate strategy to circumvent this requirement.

Elden Ring Player Takes Out AFK Rune FarmerUsing Melania’s Attacks and Armor to Your Advantage

For several months, AFK rune farming has been a problem in Elden Ring’s player-versus-player combat. Players of Elden Ring are able to acquire runes without having to take any action, and the strategy itself is not overly complicated to implement. The host must first locate a hiding place, then entice other players to join their game, and finally wait for the invader to either give up or leave the game.

Although it does not appear that FromSoftware will implement any changes to discourage the use of this strategy, players of Elden Ring have found a variety of creative ways to defeat AFK rune farmers. Some of the invaders take advantage of game bugs in order to find the host’s hiding place, while others make use of specialized weapon skills in order to defeat them. One player recently accomplished the task of vanquishing an AFK rune farmer while fully costumed as one of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring.

A video was uploaded by a user with the handle slimeycoomer that demonstrated how the player eliminated an AFK rune farmer in Elden Ring. It would appear that Slimeycoomer has pinpointed the exact location of the host, who is concealing themselves in this area that is frequented by rune farmers. The fact that the invader is armed with Malenia’s armour and Elden Ring items is evidence that they have already defeated what is widely considered to be the game’s most difficult boss.

Slimeycoomer descends to a lower platform and then moves in the direction of the host’s hiding place. They appear to take advantage of loopholes in order to easily traverse large distances and end up in close proximity to the host. Slimeycoomer deftly avoids these attacks while simultaneously switching to the Hand of Malenia weapon. The other player suddenly realizes that the invader has seen them and begins to attack. Its users are able to perform Malenia’s infamous and lethal multi-hit combo thanks to its weapon skill, and Slimeycoomer is able to defeat the host in a matter of seconds.

They later elaborate on the method that was utilized to bridge the gaps. They are armed with Elden Ring’s Hand of Malenia and Marika’s Hammer respectively. Before using the hammer’s special move, players must first dual-wield the Hand of Malenia and perform a heavy attack. After that, they must quickly switch to the hammer and use it. As seen in the content located above, this will give the impression of flight to players for a limited amount of time.

One of the commenters suggested that the host probably has not fought Malenia before and is therefore unaware of the level of difficulty of the battle. As a result, the invader may have instilled fear in the host by killing them with her one-of-a-kind attack. Another user pointed out that many people who claim to be AFK rune farmers aren’t actually AFK at all because they move as soon as an invader gets close to them. Some people had theorized that the host might have been startled because they were possibly watching something on their phone or a second screen at the time the intruder found them. Because of this issue with rune farming, many users are put off from playing Elden Ring multiplayer, and they are keeping their fingers crossed that FromSoftware will implement a solution as soon as they can.

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