Night in the Woods – Character’s Guide

Night in the Woods is a story-driven 2D game where you do different activities and meet with other characters.

The game is based in a town called possum springs where you explore many sides and surroundings of it by running, jumping and using astral projection. Explore the town with your friends and you will gain abilities that will unlock new passages across town.

You will discover secrets about the town and characters along your way across town. You can play bass and break stuff in the game.

Night in the Woods Characters

Night in the woods contains many characters where one particular is the main protagonist of the whole game.

We will discuss all the characters

Mae Borowski

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image is taken from nightinthewoods.fandom.com

Margeret Borowski AKA Mae Borowski is the main protagonist in Night in the woods which you play as a player in the game.

Mae comes back to possum springs after she drops out of college to live with her parents.


Mae is a cat with red-dyed top hair and blue fur. She has red eyes which are very large.

Mae’s right ear is notched because of a dog bite. Mae wears an orange shirt with red sleeves and dark grey jeans and shoes described as “cheap green-ish knock-off doc martens”


Mae is energetic and agile. Mae had depression and anger issues in the past. She loves and cares for her friends and is not afraid to show it.

Mae is very emotional which sometimes leads to violent episodes which she calls “the incident” 


Mae was born in 1996 or 1997 which makes her 20 years old in the year 2017. She is an only child of Candy and Stan Borowski.

Mae has always been depressed and a bit troubled and recently, a connection with paranormal activity in the town or so she believes.


Mae have a lot of Friends in Possum Springs, Some of them are given below:

  • Gregg – Gregg is Mae’s best friend from high school. The two were known for making trouble across town.
  • Bae – Bae was Mae’s best friend from till 7th grade then they grew apart.
  • Angus – Angus get to know Mae through Gregg as he is his Boyfriend and eventually Mae and Angus becomes best friends.
  • Cole – Cole is Mae’s ex-boyfriend in high school and then they break up but Mae still has mixed feelings about it.

Gregg Lee

image is taken from nightinthewoods.fandom.com

Greggory Lee AKA Gregg Lee is Mae’s best friend and Angus’s Boyfriend in Night in the Woods.


Gregg is an orange Foz with navy blue eyes and has two sharp teeth.

Gregg wears a black leather jacket with a grey shirt and blue pants.

He has a tattoo of a sheep on his bicep


Gregg is rebellious, exoberunt and talkative.

Gregg has always been fearful that he will accidentally ruin his relationship with Angus.

Although he is a troublemaker he deeply cares about his friends and is always willing to help them


When he was young, Gregg parents dumped him with his uncle for a year, who lives on a farm. As he grew up he always wanted to run away from Possum Springs.

Gregg considered himself as ”parking lot trash” who have no future until he met Angus.

In high school, Gregg and Mae usually get into trouble.

Bae Sentello

image is taken from nightinthewoods.fandom.com

Beatrice Santello AKA Bae was Mae’s best friend till 7th grade in the Night in the Woods game.


Bae is a crocodile with dark teal with red eyes (in-game) or dark blue (In Promotions).

Three oblong scales, dark coloured are visible from his back. She is seen either with a lit cigarette or a fake one in his mouth.


Bae has a cold and gloomy attitude, because of some unfortunate events in the past two years. Bae possesses a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

He smokes to cope with the stress in his life.


Bae and Mae were best friends and was in scout together and both had nicknames for each other, Bae called Mae “Mayday” and Mae called Bae “Beebee”.

Eventually, they both stop talking to each other when they were in grade 7th.

These are Biography of some characters in Night in the Woods.

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