Planning an Outdoor Festival? Take Note of These 7 Suggestions

Outdoor festivals and similar can be a challenge to organize and pull off. You need to think about how you’re going to accommodate crowds of people. What’s more, you’ll need to factor in other considerations, such as the budget, security and equipment.

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If you’re going to organize an outdoor festival in your community, keep these suggestions in mind:

  1. Come up with an Event Plan

Outdoor festivals are typically large events that span for a few days. As the organizer of this event, you’ll need to write an event plan, which involves developing an overview of the festival and its purpose.

Your plan should include the following information:

  • The type of event (food festival, music festival, art festival, religious festival)
  • The theme of your festival
  • When the event will take place
  • How this festival will benefit your community
  • Where the event will take place
  • How much space you’ll need for the festival

2.  Set up the Appropriate Facilities and Amenities

Many organizers hold the festival in large, empty fields where there are no restrooms or toilets. So you need to obtain the appropriate facilities for people to use. Get in touch with a reputable toilet rental provider who can set up portable toilets all over the festival area.

You’ll want to place these toilets near the main stages or within walking distance from the campsite. This way, people can get to these facilities easily.

Besides toilets, you should install other amenities, such as tables, seating and stage lighting.

3. Secure the Necessary Paperwork

Not securing the appropriate paperwork and permits on time could result in law enforcement shutting down your outdoor festival. If you’re going to hold your festival on public lands, such as a beach or a public park, you’ll likely need to obtain a permit from the city. You may also need to secure licenses if you plan to sell any alcohol in your outdoor event.

4. Monitor the Weather – And Have a Plan B

Given that you’re holding your festival outside, you need to monitor the weather reports carefully as the event day approaches. Also, you need to plan for inclement weather.

Figure out well in advance your “rain day” strategy.

Here are a few guide questions to help you out:

  • Will you postpone or cancel the event if the weather becomes worse?
  • When rain does come, will you have tents in place?
  • Do you plan to set up portable pavilions that offer sufficient coverage?
  • Can you move your event to an indoor area quickly and easily enough?

Your responses to these questions will guide your other planning decisions.

When coming up with your plan B, know your contract details, insurance options and cost liabilities should inclement weather result in cancellation or damages.

5. Set Up Your Tech Equipment

You’ll need tech equipment, especially if you are organizing an outdoor music festival. You’ll need to set up lighting and sound systems on stage and across the whole event space.

You should also set up free Wi-Fi for your festival guests. After all, they’ll be using their mobile phones to take selfies and pictures of the outdoor event, then upload these images on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Don’t forget to invest in a portable generator. If a power failure happens, you’ll have backup electricity to power up your electronics.

When setting up your tech equipment, use duct tape and extension cords wisely. Pay attention to where you’re laying down the wires.

6. Hire a Professional Security Team

Security teams do more than just prevent people with no outdoor festival ticket from sneaking into the venue. They’re also responsible for the safety and health of your festival-goers.

You’ll need a reliable security team who can closely coordinate with your first aid staff, as well as monitor the festival for unruly crowds, slippery or dangerous surfaces, wandering children, runaway dogs and more.

When planning your outdoor festival, make sure that you set up a security booth. This is where guests can report incidents, such as assault, theft and missing child.

7. Work on the Festival Publicity

Promoting your outdoor festival is a huge undertaking. Depending on the scope and size of the event, you’ll want to hire an event promotions team to take care of advertising your festival. If you’re planning to do some promotional work, take note of the following tips:

  • Promote your outdoor event on blogs and relevant social networking platforms.
  • Advertise the event in community newspapers and magazines.
  • Put up posters around town.
  • Hand out flyers to spread the word.

Planning an outdoor festival can be difficult. Make sure that you hire an event team to help you and take note of these seven tips.

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