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Solar Panels: Are They Worth It?

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is available to all alike. You can use it for many benefits, and electricity is one of them. Every household needs an energy source to fuel their home appliances and utilities. The governmental source of electricity is expensive, and the prices are not coming down any time soon. The increasing expenditure calls for energy planning.

Many people have installed solar panels in their homes to generate electricity. But are these private means of energy generation safe and beneficial?

Environment Friendly

Solar panels use natural energy to create electricity. It may use natural resources, but its utilization of natural resources does not hurt the environment. The solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic modules.

You can store this electric current with the help of batteries. The charged batteries provide the necessary energy at night when the sun is not shining. 

The government makes energy by burning fuels, which is incredibly harmful to the environment. The greenhouse gases cause climate change and damage the ozone layer. A weak ozone layer enables the penetration of UV rays which causes global warming and cancerous diseases. You will be doing a favour for the environment by buying solar panels.

Independent Source

When electricity comes through governmental resources, your house is susceptible to power cutdown and load shedding. Another problem is the tax you pay on every energy bill. The energy bills contain a percentage of tax that the government charges for producing electricity, but if you make your electricity, you can ignore that tax.

Local Support

When installing a solar panel, you require the help of local service providers. You will hire workers to fit the solar panels and buy batteries. The residential solar panel installation is a complicated process, which requires a skilled hand to handle the initial installation.

You may need to change the batteries and maintain the solar panels. These maintenance jobs require local help. This way, your solar energy plant will be supporting local business shops. Your one project will become a source of income for businesses and local service providers. 

Cost and Installation

The most vital part of solar panel installation is the price. You have to pay a massive cost for the solar panel. The purchase cost of solar panels is not affordable for everyone. You have to pay 12000 dollars for an average solar panel. It can be too much for a family on a budget.

The bright side is that you can get loans for solar panels from banks. You can apply for a loan to pay the solar panel company or buy the solar panels in instalments.

Takes Space

If you live in an apartment building, you do not own the roof of your building and cannot spare a place to install solar panels. Even if you want to install a solar panel to produce energy for lighting a bulb and a fan, you need a lot of space. Homes may have backyards and roofs where they can install solar panels, but these panels will reduce the sitting space in your backyard or roof.

Solar panels have their negatives and positives, but the positive points outweigh the negatives, hence it is worth having a solar panel for your home. 

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