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At-home Makeover Ideas: Look Your Best After the Pandemic

The pandemic did not just disrupt usual business operations and daily life but also our own self-care routines. Since we just stayed at home, we’ve stopped “getting ready” in the morning. We worked in our pajamas and let our brow hairs grow out.

Our skins may have taken a rest from makeup, which is a good thing, but it has rested long enough already. Even though we’d sit still at home for a while after this pandemic has started to recede, our skins can definitely use some new products and makeup again. Surely, the stress and uncertainty of this pandemic have left you with eye bags, acne, and dull skin. It will benefit from a mini makeover, making you feel like yourself again after living like a hermit for a year.

So without further ado, here are some at-home makeover ideas to emerge out of this pandemic looking your best:

Hair Makeover

Changing your hairstyle is a good first step to a full-body makeover. But before thinking of chopping off your long locks, take time to decide what kind of hairstyle you really want. A new hairstyle will stay with you for a while. Keeping a style that you’ve stopped loving after a week or so will thwart your self-confidence.

Whether you want a subtle or a dramatic new hairstyle, browse magazines, Pinterest, social media, and other websites for inspiration. If you’ll cut your own hair, use the right tools and follow a guide meticulously. Ending up with an asymmetrical haircut may force you to cut more until your hair has become too short for your liking.

To play it safe, consider just coloring your tresses. Even a slight tint can breathe new life into your locks. But if your hair hasn’t been colored before, consult a hairstylist first to ensure that color won’t damage it.

Skin Texture Improvement

If you haven’t been exfoliating for a while, your skin could already be teeming with dead skin cells. On the face, a buildup of dead skin cells can cause clogged and enlarged pores, while on the rest of the body, it’s the unevenness of the tone and texture.

Preventive measures are your best defense against dead skin cells. But if the pandemic has made you too lazy to prevent rough skin, you can still reverse that. Start by exfoliating with a gentle peel or exfoliating wash, depending on your skin type. Make sure to research because the wrong exfoliator may not yield satisfactory results.

Next, moisturize your skin using a product that suits your skin type best. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is a must because moisture also prevents excessive sebum production.

Wear sunscreen afterward, whether you’re going out. Sun exposure is actually the number one culprit for uneven skin tone, large pores, and aging spots. Never skip this step in your skincare routine.

Spot Treatment

Acne, acne scars, and other dark spots on your face require different treatments. Salicylic acid tackles acne the best but may still leave scars, which are hard to remove. Along with dark spots, acne scars can make it look you’re still breaking out.

Luckily, a whitening toner for the face is effective in treating that problem. Just use the product as often as needed to get the best results. Combine it with other products like aloe vera, vitamin C, or grapeseed oil to maintain your lightened skin.

To remove dark spots specifically, sunscreen is also the key. You can also try retinol, kojic acid, vitamin E, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), azelaic acid, or hydroquinone. Just consult your dermatologist first because overly treating your dark spots may cause an excessive loss in pigmentation.

Manicure & Pedicure

You don’t need to go to the salon for a mani-pedi. A simple at-home cuticle care routine will transform your nails as though a pro has touched them. Apply a coat of nail polish, too, if you’re feeling fancy. Colored nails can make a huge difference in your overall style.


Wearing makeup was recommended during the pandemic, as it can make you feel more in the mood to work. It can also act as the distinction between your “work self” and “home self,”which we’ve made a habit of mixing up during the lockdown. But now that restrictions are slowly easing down, you can rock a full face of makeup again and actually show it off outside.

Don’t forget to experiment with clothes and accessories as well. When you can finally meet your friends and have huge gatherings again, you’d have more fun if you look your best because your makeover can represent a whole year’s worth of pent-up excitement. Celebrate yourself for surviving the pandemic fashionably stronger.

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