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Things Girls Should Consider Before Moving Into A PG in Indore

Gone are the times when girls weren’t allowed to step outdoor sectional of their houses to seek education, or to work. The wheel of time has spun in a way that girls are making a mark in the entire world and getting laurels for the nation. Many people migrate to the city of Indore for their educational or work-related pursuits, a large proportion of girls are included in it too. Keeping in mind their safety and security because of the increasing crime rate, it might bother many parents and may make them think twice before sending their child out for her endeavors. In such cases they lookout for the best PGs in Indore in order to ensure their safety and security. If so is the case then Stanza Living residences are the ones you should be looking for, since their ultra-secure houses make up for one of the safest shelters for residents. Their properties fit well into the tag of best PGs in Indore, as they are well outfitted to meet your day to day needs.

Well, there are certain things that need to be ticked off, before moving into a PG in Indore. So, let’s have a look at them:

Check Out the Area

Look out for the potential areas that you might want to reside in, list them down, and start the hunt. Finding the best PG in Indore can be a daunting task, listing down some would ease out your process. Check out the area thoroughly where you are deciding to move to. The area shouldn’t be isolated and should be well connected to facilities like clinical centers, eateries, mechanical shops, electricity shops, local markets, etc. Having these areas around ensures that even in case of emergency, you don’t have to keep longing for assistance to arrive and can take the needful measures on your own when required.


Make sure the area you select is well-connected to public transport, as you can’t be splurging huge sums every time you want to travel to someplace. Public transports have innumerable benefits, they’re inexpensive and eventually take you to the potential place where you want to go. Also, they’re easily accessible. So, make sure you select an area that has a well-connected transportation network, this will additionally help you save some bucks, which you can put to use in some other way.

In-house Meals

When you move out of your houses then food is one of the major concerns that bother you the most. When you move to a new city, you might not get the food of your choice most of the time, also the cultural shift in the area of food might not fit your taste buds from the beginning itself. Before moving in, check if there is a provision of in-house meals if they are providing meals multiple times, if they have a provision of providing packed suppers for your college/work, if they can provide veg/non-veg or both, etc. These are certain points you have to consider before moving in so that you don’t struggle with food afterward.

Security Services

Security is one of the most important concerns for a girl moving to a new place, check out the place and confirm that the place you are moving to has a provision of maintaining tight security, the house should have a 24/7 security guard and should be well covered with CCTV cameras. In such cases, Stanza Living makes up for an apt choice, as their abodes are well secured and safe, they’ve all high-tech security equipment installed in their properties because your safety is their prime concern.

These are some of the things that should be kept in mind before moving into a PG in Indore.

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