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The Interior Design Process: How To Change Your Home

Are you looking to create your dream home? Then you may be wondering what the interior design process consists of.

Interior designers are the experts when it comes to the art and interior decorating of inner spaces. You may find yourself speaking to them throughout the whole design process from start to finish.

It may be helpful to know what the interior design process entails before you dive into it. Read on to find out what goes into designing your dream space.

1. Design Statement

The first step is the programming phase. This is where your interior designer gets to know you, your space, and the nature of your environment. You will speak with your designer about your ideas, goals, and concepts.

It’s common to share inspiration through mood boards or magazines on interior design trends.

There may be a couple of meetings after this to follow up on your design concept. This entails fabrics, textiles, and finishes, as well as, measuring your home and discussing pricing.

2. Concept Development

Interior design finishes, like lighting, textiles, and tiles will be in the finalization stage. Your interior designer will then make sure the design concept is appropriate for the space. They will also discuss the specifications with contractors.

Your interior designer will follow up with final designs, floor plans, and furnishings. It’s important to hire a skilled passionate interior designer that you can trust. For example, Mal Corboy Interior Design has been in the industry for over 25 years and has won countless awards in the profession.

It’s best to hire an interior designer with high credentials and expertise that will help you execute your dream space.

3. Proposal

This is where the design idea, concept, and specifications are finalized with the client before it moves on to construction. This stage may take longer than the others since it’s crucial that everything is perfected before execution.

You may be presented with finalized floor plan ideas that show furniture placement, 3-D renderings, or stimulations of the desired look. You and your interior designer will also discuss cost estimates that include materials, labor, and extra design fees.

4. Contract Documents

Now that drawings, specifications, and details are finalized, it’s time to review. Your interior designer will finalize construction drawings that explain the whole design project. This includes layouts, specifications, plumbing, lighting, furniture plans, tile, materials, and more details.

These design documents get sent out to contractors and vendors for hard bids from builders. This is also where they discuss the time frame and the proposed date of completion, as well as, further discussions on costs.

5. Construction

Once designers receive bids and you reviewed important documents, it’s time to implement. Interior designers oversee the project until completion, so rest assured they’ll be there every step of the way.

The construction stage usually presents some troubleshooting and inevitable challenges along the way. Although, it’s nothing your interior designer can’t resolve. Before you know it, you’ll be able to live in your dream space.

Trust the Interior Design Process

It’s important to be patient and trust the interior design process along the way. By hiring a skilled interior designer, you won’t have to worry about anything because your ideas are safe in their hands.

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