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5 Serious Mistakes DIYers Make When Self-Moving

Are you attempting a self-move? While you may save money, DIYers make more mistakes while self moving. Here are 5 dire mistakes to avoid.

Do you have to hire movers or is self-moving a legitimate option? Actually, a lot of people have success moving on their own, without professional help. But a lot more self-movers start packing too late, rent a truck that’s too small, and totally run out of time on moving day.

So, if you insist on moving without help, you need, well, help. That is, you need this guide on how to avoid the most common DIY moving mistakes.

If you’re moving on your own, you need to get started now. Start here, with this guide.

1. Believing the Myths About Hiring Movers

The biggest mistake self-movers make is buying into the many myths about hiring professional movers. Many people choose not to hire movers because they think it will cost too much, take too long, break a lot of their stuff, etc. But, most of the time, these fears are more likely to come true when you don’t hire a moving company.

The truth is, pro movers are faster, more efficient, and less likely to break things than you are because they have far more experience. That’s how they stay in business.

This saves you loads of time (and gas), and reduces what you spend on repairing/replacing broken items. Because of this, it’s usually cheaper to hire a Moving & Storage Company. So, if you do choose to self-move, just make sure it’s for the right reasons.

2. Underestimating the Gargantuan Task of Self-Moving

If you’ve never moved before, assume it’s at least 3 times more difficult and time-consuming than it seems. Even if you have moved before, it’s still probably harder than you remember.

Imagine doing heavy lifting for 6 hours straight, then seeing how much work you still have left, then realizing you’re not even halfway done. Soon, you won’t have to imagine because it will be happening. And by that time, you’ll be slowing down with fatigue.

When estimating how much time your DIY move will take, be certain that you have more than enough time. Renting the moving van for more days than you need is better than running out of time.

3. Not Packing Soon Enough

Waiting too long to pack is far too common in DIY moves. But there’s no such thing as packing too early. If you’re certain you’re moving, pack now.

No matter when you start, you’ll still be packing on moving day. Hopefully, it will just be every day items you wanted to keep available until the last day. But you could end up packing things that should have been boxed months ago.

And if you don’t start now, you could run out of time on moving day. Then, you either miss your deadline for moving out or you rush your packing last minute. The latter means you’re more likely to break items or lose them in a sea of unmarked boxes.

4. Improper Packing/Lifting

Seriously, moving is tedious and hard and dangerous. If you’re going to try and handle it yourself, you’d better do it right.

Research proper lifting/team-lifting techniques. Practice these and do them right. Invest in back braces.

Also, research efficient packing methods. Get proper packing materials. Package your breakables and heavy items correctly.

Finally, label your boxes. Deliver them to the correct rooms in your new home.

5. Renting a Truck That’s Too Small

Always get a very big truck, bigger than you think you’ll need. Remember, unless you use two moving vehicles, no one can load while you’re unloading and vice versa.

Every time the truck is full, the work halts. It can’t begin again until the truck arrives at its destination and is completely unloaded.

If you have to take a ridiculous number of trips back and forth, you’re going to run out of time. It’s better to get a very large truck and take only a few trips.

Of course, this also requires knowing how to drive a large truck full of (unprofessionally-packed) items. If you drive it like a car, you’ll knock over all your items and get in an accident.

Be Careful While Self-Moving

If you choose the DIY route, be careful. Follow the tips above to avoid these horrible self-moving mistakes.

DIY is your world. It’s our world too. Get all the tips you need for your independent undertakings on our DIY blog.

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