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There are many games in the world. But golfers have a great place in sports. But today we tell you about the best golfer in the world. Their names, and what country they belong to. Many players are world champion golfers. But today we tell you about the 7 world champions.

 Who has made a name for themselves on the golf course? Also many fans like these games. Come see this game.

7. Tom Watson Best Golfer:

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This is the 7th best golfer in the world. Watson played a lot of games and he played a lot of matches and he made a name for himself. He won 5 matches in 9 years. He made his name by winning the biggest tournament in May. Watson has won five British Open titles, including eight major championships.

6. Bobby Jones Best Golfer:

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This is the 6th best golfer in the world. Baby Jones worked hard and no one could match her. At a very young age, he won and later moved away from sports.  Jones has competed in the US Open 18 Holes. 

In the same way, he set a record of 13 big championships till the age of 40. In this way, he made his name for his success which is still standing. Jones played 31 majors, winning 13 of them and being in the top 10, 27 times. Jones was the founder of the Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters.

5. Ben Hogan Best Golfer:

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This is the 5th best golfer in the world. Hawk is a great shot-maker. He won the hearts of the people because of his shots. Due to this, he gained fame. And this is the secret of his fame. He never gave up on his hard work and by working hard he achieved this position.

 Despite the terrible auto accident of 1949 and severe cancer, he did not give up. He won the Masters, one of five Slam players in a single year, and just three to win the US Open and British Open. In addition, he won 3 matches.

4. Arnold Palmer Best Golfer:

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This is the 4th best golfer in the world. A player like Arnold has never been seen before. Played many matches in which many lost and won. Never let your heartbreak. He won 3 matches and also won 3 major championships. Also won the PGA Tour.

3. Sam Snead Best Golfer:

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This is the 3rd best golfer in the world. If you want to see a player in heaven, there is no competition in the game of Sam Snead. He won 135 to 165 matches worldwide. Also won 82 PGA Tour titles. He made many records. But also winning 82 PGA Tours. Won seven major championships, three Masters, and three PGA Championships.

2. Jack Nicklaus Best Golfer:

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This is the 2nd best golfer in the world. He worked hard to make a name for himself among his opponents. He worked hard to make a name for himself in golf. Played many matches and made his name. He won 73 PGA Tour events and set a record for 18 major championships.

1. Tiger Woods Best Golfer:

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This is the 1st best golfer in the world. He worked hard, he won many tournaments. He has won 15 major championships, won 82 PGA Tours, won four consecutive majors, and a PGA Tour Player of the Year record 10 times.

Who is the Best Golfer in the World

7. Tom Watson Best Golfer.

6. Bobby Jones Best Golfer.

5. Ben Hogan Best Golfer.

4. Arnold Palmer Best Golfer.

3. Sam Snead Best Golfer.

2. Jack Nicklaus Best Golfer.

1. Tiger Woods Best Golfer.

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