8 Best Surfing Websites and Blogs You Should Follow for Surf News

When it comes to surfing, having a close-knit network is a great way to learn about trade secrets as well as hidden surfing spots only known by long-time surfers and surfing communities. As surfers are now going online and are now sharing hidden gems with millions of the digital masses, you might be on the lookout for the best surfing websites and pages to follow. In this article, we’ll help point you to the best surfing blogs, websites, and pages you can check out if you’re a beginner surfer or even if you’re a veteran surfer looking for think pieces and articles to read during downtime. 

8 Surfing Websites to Visit and Bookmark

From learning how to read the waves to find the best surf spots in Asia, you can find a wealth of knowledge from hundreds or even thousands of surfing blogs online. With surfing content creators and athletes sharing their knowledge and experiences online, beginner and intermediate surfers can easily learn surfing knowledge from some of the most seasoned surfers in the world – most of which they can access for free. Here are 10 of our best picks of the surfing blogs that you should consider bookmarking on your browsers:

  • Surf Strength Coach

Surf Strength Coach is a website that offers numerous features that may be useful for people of all surfing levels. You can find beginner guides and step-by-step tutorials if you’re looking to improve your surfing technique or if you’re trying to advance your surfing skills. Surf Strength Coach even has an article on how your skating skills can be translated to better surfing movement and balance! Check out their website at and read through their easy-to-understand articles or sign up for their surf training programs.

  • Surfers Hype

Surfers Hype is an online surfing magazine that provides surfers with articles and blog posts that are not only entertaining but are also loaded with information that is useful for both beginners and the more seasoned surfers. According to their website, their three goals are to help you: 1. Educate Yourself, 2. Improve your performance, and 3. Plan Your Next Surf Trip. And if you visit their website, you’ll easily find that you’ll easily achieve all of these through the content that they share on their blog. Visit their website at and enjoy unique and enlightening posts about surfing and other activities that can improve your overall wellness.

  • Surfer

Looking for blogs and articles that share all kinds of things about surfing? At Surfer, you can get the most recent updates about surfing as a sport, exclusive stories about some of the most popular surfers around the world, as well as upcoming surfing events and competitions where athletes compete with the best of the best. You can check out their website at You can even look for the best surfing regions through the website if you’re looking for your next surfing destination!

  • Surf Simply

Of all the surfing websites around the internet, Surf Simply may be the most recognizable page, thanks to the surfing courses that they offer. With internationally recognized all-inclusive courses, Surf Simply has been featured in some of the most well-known news outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, and Forbes Magazine. Because this website aims to be an all-encompassing online platform for everything about surfing, you can find volume-to-weight calculators, interesting blogs about surfing, as well as video tutorials so that audiences from around the world can easily understand the instructions. Visit them at Surf

  • Catch Surf

If you visit the Catch Surf website, you’ll find an online store that sells surfing gear, beach-ready outfits, and wetsuits for your ocean escapades. While they do offer a whole lot of tempting products, Catch Surf also maintains a blog that revolves around developing the newest innovative surfing equipment. With Catch Surf, you can find up-and-coming tools and become updated with what may just be the next big thing in the world of surfing. Check out their website at today.

  • Nadav Berenstein

Are you a surfing enthusiast and at the same time a photography aficionado? With an extensive background in both surfing and documentary photography, Nadav Berenstein documents his surfing escapades on his Flickr account and shares his years’ worth of surfing knowledge through online articles. From pieces of advice for beginner surfers to articles about the best locations for your next surfing trip, Nadav Berenstein may have an article about what you’re looking for. 

  • SoulSurfing

If you’re looking for beautiful and breathtaking surfing photography coupled with expertly crafted storytelling, Soul Surfing may just be the blog for you. Run by Jason Swain, a visual artist, and photographer, this website aims to document surfing trips and let readers experience the thrill of riding big waves on some of the most picturesque beaches in the world with beautiful photography sets. You can check out Jason Swain’s surfing blog at

  • Son of a Beach

When you’re looking for a surfing blog, you might be searching for articles that are not only easy to skim through but are also packed with important surfing knowledge. With Son of a Beach, you’ll get practical guides about shopping for surfing gear, packing checklists for surfing trips, as well as lists of the best-surfing destinations in Europe. You can visit his website at and find articles that will best suit your needs.

Maybe You Should Consider Writing Your Own Surfing Blog!

The blogs that we’ve enumerated above largely revolve around one thing: spreading knowledge about surfing. Now that you’re familiar with some of the best surfing blogs there are in the world, maybe you should consider starting one if you think that you have priceless information about surfing that you can share with surfing beginners or even just readers who are curious about the sport. There’s a wealth of topics that you can tackle, and you can even document your surfing trips as a way to not only memorialize them but also to reach people and maybe even convince them to try surfing!

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