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Why Entrepreneurs Prefer Laravel Framework For Their PHP Web Development?

Laravel development is not a new thing as everyone knows it well today. It is one of the popular PHP frameworks that are efficient and significant in its own ways. Developers choose to go for Laravel as it helps them to design and develop web applications without going through all the pain.

If you look at different PHP frameworks followed in the market, Laravel holds a special place for itself. It is because of the ease and flexibility it provides developers. For example, a Laravel development company will be interested in delivering consistency through their solutions and Laravel helps them to do so with ease.

The best way to understand Laravel better is by beginning to understand its features and benefits. This article will help you with it.

Laravel Framework and Its Outstanding Features

Laravel PHP framework comes with some distinctive features and the same has been explained below:

  • Blade Template Engine

Laravel makes use of the simplest yet most powerful PHP templating engine named Blade template engine. Now, this does not affect your web app in any way and you get to use plain PHP codes in your views. Blade template engine offers shortcuts for a number of PHP functions along with other features like displaying data and template inheritance to ease up the web development process and make it flexible. 

  • Eloquent ORM

Laravel comes with eloquent ORM which offers ActiveRecord implementation to the developers making it easy and less time-consuming for them to interact with databases. This way developers can use PHP syntax to write database queries and to modify or update databases without having to know how to write SQL. 

  • Open Source and Wide Community

Laravel is an open-source framework that is loved by many. It enjoys strong community support making it more flexible and advanced. 

  • Laravel MVC Architecture

With Laravel, you can separate the business logic and presentation layer as this PHP framework is MVC-based. This framework offers scalability, better security, and high-performance features to developers going ahead with Laravel development services. 

  • Object-Oriented Libraries

This PHP framework of Laravel comes with many built-in object-oriented libraries. They offer excellent features to developers to go ahead with.

What makes Laravel framework the trusted choice amongst the developers? Benefits explained

There are people who still are not aware of the benefits of investing in skilled Laravel developers. Apart from offering high performance, high-quality, Laravel eases development. Some of the benefits of choosing Laravel has been explained here:

  • Laravel Development is Fast

Laravel framework is fast when compared to other PHP frameworks. Again, it makes it easy for web developers to carry out web development due to the built-in features and functionalities that it possesses.

Web developers will be able to easily come up with robust web applications within the stipulated timeframe by leveraging those built-in features. Moreover, going for Laravel development services may seem to be wise as it is an open-source framework that can be used by anyone, from anywhere. 

  • Dedicated Authentication and Authorization

Having access to dedicated authentication and authorization is another benefit of choosing Laravel for web development. You will be able to easily plan and implement any authentication system into your application by using this framework. Moreover, you will be able to easily design authentication like login, registration, and password reset along with others just using a single command. With Laravel, you will be able to grant access to required resources with proper planning.

  • Automatic Unit Testing

Laravel framework enjoys amazing testing support. You cannot say a website is good to go unless it has been tested in terms of errors, bugs, and issues. Again, you can only confirm the standard of the developed web application after carrying out repetitive tests. Now, all these testing processes can take up much time. With Laravel things change as here you will have access to automated testing. This means the web application will be tested automatically throughout its different stages of development to reduce the chances of errors and potential risks.

  • Reduced Risk of Technical Vulnerabilities

Technical vulnerabilities are a part of web designing and development. Some of the technical vulnerabilities that you may face in your project are SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc. Now you may have to spend more to handle these kinds of vulnerabilities and it comes without saying that you will have to invest in proper efforts and time to take care of them.

It would be good to know that you will be able to reduce the chances of such technical vulnerabilities when you go for Laravel development. Rather, this is because Laravel is capable to handle such issues before and after development. Again, a good Laravel development company will handle that for you.

  • Automatic Execution of Tasks

Laravel development brings to the table the facility of automatic task execution. Here, with the Laravel framework, developers can easily get rid of the repetitive monotonous tasks by defining all the needed commands to get over those tasks. This means with Laravel it is possible to get most of the tasks done simply by going for a single command. 


All the shortcomings of different PHP frameworks are handled well by Laravel. Some of the reasons for its increased popularity are cost-effectiveness, responsiveness, intuitiveness, etc. The ability to easily scale and deliver as per the client’s need makes Laravel the ideal choice for many web developers. 

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