5 Custom website design rules everyone must follow in 2021

What is a custom website design?

In general, web design is nothing but a simplified process of planning, conceptualizing, and organizing content online. Currently, a custom web development company consider crafting a website or web application beyond aesthetics and include its overall functionality. Web design also contains mobile apps, web apps, and UI design. 

Did you know that website design will have a significant impact on your performance in search engines such as Google? In this document, it will give you some attractive insights on things you should know while creating a user-friendly website that will rank highly in search engine. 

1. Refrain Legibility Issues:

If a user cannot properly read the content on your website, your message is not going to attract the target audience. Having legible text on your platform is significantly important, but there are various mistakes that amateur designers make that diminishes legibility. Poor text color selection can easily fail. For instance, a website may have white text over a light-colored background, which can make it hard to read. Likewise, having a dark font on a dack background also makes text visibility difficult. Text positioned over an image might also make it challenging to decipher. 

In order to avoid this, try using an appropriate color contrast. You can use the dark font on the white background or light text on a dark background. While both are perfect choices, the dark font on a light background tends to offer the best contrast but is more troubling to the eyes when read for a long time. If you are positioning text over an image, use an overlay to enhance the contrast between the text and the image. A dark cover will help light-colored font pop with the help of light-colored overlay will make the dark text pop. 

2. Try visual hierarchy:

Another important concept which professional web development companies use is visual hierarchy. This is the order in which a user actions information on a web page. There are several techniques one can use to make it easier for the user to acknowledge the hierarchy of your content like using various font sizes and colors. For instance, the title of this blog you are currently reading is much larger than the heading of the section. In addition, the heading of this portion is larger than the text. This is because we need users to read the title first and then scroll down the page. The different sizes of headers, titles, and text all help guide readers as they engage with our content. 

Colors are also essential in establishing visual hierarchy. For instance, buttons on a homepage asking users to “sign in” or “shop now” may be in brighter colors than the other colors on the home page. Links will always be in a different color than the normal content. 

3. Avoid going font-crazy:

While we are discussing fonts & texts, it must be noted that the primary rule is to use three fonts or less. Frequently, one font is enough. Simply adding many fonts will make a website look unstructured or unprofessional. You must also assure your font selection are cohesive. Moreover, they should match your niche and the message that you are conveying. For example, Sans serif fonts are specially used in telling a modern image and are also suitable for digital products. Pro tip: try avoiding the use of over-the-top, child-like, or unprofessional fonts at all costs.

4. Including an eye-catchy call to actions:

One of the first things that almost every user notices on a website is undoubtedly a call to action. Generally, this is a button on a website or web application asking users to buy now, learn more, or schedule a consultation. Your CTA acts as your selling point and will enhance customer engagement. Several websites hide their CTAs at the bottom of the web page or sometimes forget to include them at all. As the CTA contributes to generating the customer response you are seeking, ensure it is one of the primary elements that the user notices. 

5. Do not forget your contact information:

Pretty obvious isn’t it? You might be surprised how many organizations avoid including their contact information on the business website. The primary reason that users visit your website is to contact the company. If they will not find the information they are searching for in the first 3-4 seconds of their visit, they will definitely leave. Due to this reason, do not forget to include clear and easy-to-find contact information on your website. Here’s what you should include in the contact information:

  • Phone number
  • Enterprise’s address
  • Business mailing address
  • Email addresses of stakeholders (for instance sales or CRM department)

You can also design a contact form on your website for users to fill out and submit queries. Nevertheless, you must include your complete contact details like phone number and physical address. Remember that several visitors still choose to call you or visit your premises. The total amount of users who prefer using conventional contact mechanisms will differ based on the type of users you are targeting. The easier one makes it is for visitors to contact you, the more effective your website will be. 


When you are crafting your website or web application, ensure that you take extra time to proofread each and section. Ask a custom website development company to review the final product, just in case you accidentally missed any errors or bugs. Whenever you see a typo or error, rectify it. Assure you keep your website clean and error-free so that they do not distract from splendid design and content. Custom Web Development Services is one of the challenging skills to master, and perhaps one may state that it is best left up to Custom Web Development Company. Still, if you are doing everything by yourself, the above rules will allow you to know what works and what does not when you are ensuring your website’s quality and effectiveness. 

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