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Heaviest Person In The World 2021

Top 7 heaviest person in the world. They belonged to many countries. They have weight living and death. They have recorded the heaviest person in the world. They are very difficult to live his life. Today we tell the top 7 heaviest people in the world spend of life very difficult journey eat food and other activity.

1. Jon Brower Minnoch:

He is the largest person in the world. Jon was born on 19 September 1941, and he died on 10 September 1983. His age was maximum of 41 years old. He belonged to an American city. Minnoch height was recorded as 6 feet and 1 inch. Jon has 2 children.

 When the age Jon is 12 years his weight is [133 kilograms;21.0 tons]  [294 ib] and his height is 5ft 7 inches. When his age is 6 ft and 1 inch his weight increase [230 kilograms;36 tons] 500 ib. His last weight was recorded at [635 kilograms;100tons].

2. Khalid bin Mohsen:

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            He is the 2nd heaviest person in the world. Khalid was born on 28 February 1991. At that time his age is 30 years. He belonged in Saudi Arabia. His weight maximum 5 ft 8 inch [173 cm]. His weight was recorded in August 2013 he is the second heaviest person in the world, his weight 610 kg [13,40 ib; 96 st]. 

When he see his weight he thought that lost his weight. He was very struggling and in the end, he lose weight in 2 years.

3. Manuel Uribe:


He is the 3rd heaviest person in the world. Manuel was born on 11 June 1965, and he died on 26 May 2014. At that time his age is 48 years. His wedding day was October 2008.  He belonged to Mexico. Uribe was a computer repairman. His weight recorded is 600 kg [1300 ib]. He does not leave his bad in 2002. 

He lost weight approximately 230 kg [510 ib]. Before his death, his weight was 394 kg [869 ib ] in 2014.

4. Juan Pedro Franco:

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The 4th heaviest person in the world Pedro. He belonged to Mexico. He was born in 1985. His weight was recorded in October 2016. His weight 595 kg [13,12 ib]. He lost his weight maximum of 345 kg [ 761 ib;54 st; 5ib] in 2018 ]. He thought that his weight loss in 2 years, so he very hard struggles in 2 years. He lost his weight of 250 kg in 2 years.

5. Carol yager:


She is the 5th heaviest person in the world carol. She belonged to the United States country. Carol was born on 26 January 1960, and died on 18 July 1994. At that time her age is 34 years. Her height was recorded at 5 ft 7 inches, and her weight was recorded on a maximum of 544 kg.

 She loses her weight 236 kg with the surgery in 3 months. Before her death in 1994, she very hard struggles and lost weight. She is the heaviest woman in the world.

6. Robert Butler:

He is the 6th heaviest person in the world butler. He belonged to the United States country. He was born in 1972 and died in 2015. His weight recorded  408 kg in 2006 [12,00 ib]. Then before his death, his weight is recorded at 544. At that time his age is 43.

7. Walter hudson:

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He is the 7th heaviest person in the world Hudson. He belonged to the United States country. He was born on 5 June 1944 and died on 24 December 1991. At that time his age is 47 years. When measured his peak weight is 543 kg [11,97 pounds;85,5 st]. 

He is died due to a heart attack in his home on 24 December. At that time of death, his weight is 410 kg [900 pounds].

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