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Gamers Alert: Your eyes need Blue light protection glasses?

To all the gamers, you must score a point for your eyes by getting it blue light protection. You might lie to your parents but the data on your computer is evident in your prolonged exposure to the screen. We can’t deny that playing video games is such a thrill but we need to put a lock with the amount of time you spend on it. It’s not just you, but the majority of the teenagers in the UK spend major hours of their day sitting on the screen.

Gaming, however, takes up maximum hours of their day. It’s a concerning matter, not only for your parents but also to your eyes.

Why is gaming an unseen threat?

According to the latest research, kids spend 15 hours a week on average playing video games. About 93% of UK youngsters indulge in playing video games. Kids have given the reason behind their growing obsession with playing indoors on screen is mostly socializing. You bond through common shared interest among friends, learn new skills, and mostly have fun. It also gives them something to talk about in school and creates a better sense of friendship among their classmates. This sounds like a great reason to dwell in such a fun sport however there’s more to reality than that. The harshest part of playing video games is its increased rate of time spent. Younger kids spend about 3 to 4 hours a day while older youngsters spend 3 to 4 hours. Often it’s more than that, kids proclaim that the video games are so addicting that they lose the track of time. Without realization, they spend sometimes 5 to 6 hours a day and have zero control over it.

The only solution seen for such an increased obsession is adding blue light protection. You can get these coatings on any of your Designer Glasses or prescription ones. You can actively save your eyes from constant abuse of harsh extended hours of screen consumption.

The implication of prolonged gaming on eyes

The biggest irreversible impact due to prolonged hours of gaming occurs in the eyes. Every digital device you use to play video games emits harmful Blue light rays. Blue light rays from screens travel directly to our eyes and cause serious eye problems. Eye problems like a burning sensation, eye strain, red eye, headaches, dr-eye, and much more lead to immeasurable pain. It causes a great struggle for our eyes to function and often leads to taking breaks to soothe the pain. If the blue light rays keep on penetrating directly into the retina, our eyes are under progressive vision damage. Without protection from blue light, rays result in age-related macular degeneration and cataract. Hence protection is widely important for the eyes.

Remedy: Blue light Protection glasses

Blue light protection glasses are also known as blue blocker glasses. It’s a premium coating on lenses that allows you to operate any screen by restricting the entry of blue light rays. With these glasses, you’ll be 99.9% safe to play video games, surf web, or binge-watch TV shows.

Blue light protection glasses block out harmful blue light rays from entering the eyes. This ultimately leads to the elimination of eye conditions like teary-eyes, dry-eyes, eye-strain, headache, burning sensation, etc. It also decreases the risk of developing any serious eye disease in the future and keeps your eyes protected. Now, you can enjoy playing Minecraft, Fortnight, or Fifa with relaxed and comfortable eyes.

Get your gaming glasses now at Specscart. It offers blue light protection of prescriptive and non-prescription lenses. Also, its lenses are free coated with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV, and Impact resistance for much-enhanced safety. Get it for a free home trial and try them out yourself, 4 frames for up to 7 days. Gaming is pure fun but with the protection, you can be mature about your health.

Title- Blue light protection on gaming glasses is important, why?

Description- Blue light protection glasses are also known as blue light glasses are necessary for gamers extensively. It gets rid of severe eye conditions with ease.

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