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What Is In CBD Cream: Everything You Need To Know

Chronic pain for many sufferers seems like a normal part of life. But it shouldn’t be.

If a person suffers from chronic pain, their only option shouldn’t be addictive prescription drugs.

When approximately 50 million people suffer from chronic pain at any given time, it’s apparent there needs to be a safer alternative.

However, the negative news surrounding prescription medication makes some rightfully worry. Luckily, CBD creams have emerged in the marketplace and have received thousands of raving reviews. Not only is it non-habit forming, but also highly effective for certain people.

But how do CBD creams help?

Keep reading to discover what is in CBD cream and how it can help ease your chronic pain today.

What Is in CBD Cream That Makes It Effective?

CBD pain creams have taken the world by storm for their seemingly miraculous healing properties.

But what is in CBD cream and are CBD creams legal?

At first, people understandably connected CBD with the psychoactive component of marijuana – THC.

THC is the actual component that’s responsible for creating the “high” feeling. And because CBD is extracted from hemp plants, it doesn’t create the “high” feeling like medical marijuana.

The extracted CBD is combined with other herbs and oils in topical cream products to help ease the pain. Typically, creams include ingredients found in nature rather than anything manufactured.

The best CBD creams are found in legal states due to regulation. However, it’s possible to find creams to help with your pain in states where it’s illegal, but it requires more diligent research into the brand on your part.

How Do CBD Creams Help

CBD helps with pain relief by first elevating naturally occurring levels of endocannabinoids. These are signals that your body generates to help regulate pain, mood, and hunger, among other things.

CBD also helps limit the number of proinflammatory signals released when you’re in pain. In addition, CBD activates TrpV1 receptors that regulate your body’s temperature. By activating these receptors, it downregulates nerve endings that tell your brain your body’s in pain.

That said, there’s an older study conducted that confirms CBD creams can reduce neuropathic pain and inflammation.

CBD Cream Ingredients and Benefits

So, CBD cream has anti-inflammatory and neuropathic pain reduction properties. Who can benefit from using the cream?

Some of the more common uses of CBD cream include people who suffer from skin problems like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

This is due to those conditions caused by inflammation and CBD working to reduce the inflammatory reaction. Arthritis is another form of pain that occurs due to inflammation that CBD creams effectively help treat.

As mentioned earlier, CBD works by activating the TrpV1 receptors, which, in turn, helps to reduce the pain signals sent out by nerve endings. Studies show that people with peripheral neuropathy found relief from the nerve damage causing numbness and weakness in their hands and feet with CBD topicals.

Finding CBD Near You

What is in CBD cream? At the end of the day, CBD extract is combined with other natural healing ingredients and materials to create the cream itself.

In legalized states, it’s best to get a CBD cream that has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio for the best results or speak with a licensed doctor about a CBD cream treatment plan.

In states where it’s still illegal, it’s recommended to research renowned brands that don’t include toxins in their creams but instead use other natural pain relievers like lemongrass.

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