5 Best Wunderlist Alternative You Can Use

Wunderlist — among the overall to-do record and reminder programs across platforms, attained that place by attracting nearly everything an individual may need from this kind of application and which makes it incredibly simple to use.  That is the reason it wasn’t such a fantastic thing when Microsoft announced its plans to close down the service in favor of its to-do record program.  The business revealed that Wunderlist is going to be closed down on May 6th, 2020.  That’s a significant blow to dedicated Wunderlist users.  That is having been said, in this digital age, the passing of an item is inevitable.  Thus, if you are all set to proceed past the impending passing of Wunderlist and change your job lists on a different program that’s somewhat like Wunderlist, here are the five most acceptable Wunderlist options you can use.


We state the ideal choice to Wunderlist is Nifty — an all-purpose undertaking, job, and communications management program. Newer Wunderlist alternative the program has accumulated tens of thousands of faithful users and is now trending #1 for job direction on Product Hunt. Concerning the range of functionalities, there are just a few that could outmatch its design-first encounter (ripe with automation) to remove the tedious work. However, what about the feature-to-feature contrast between Nifty and To-Do, in combination with the first Wunderlist program? Many Wunderlist consumers will be Pleased to see all their favorite.

Features current and accounted for in Nifty

Clustered into five classes –Milestones, Tasks, Discussions, Files, and Documents, its functionalities are on par with not merely the To-Do program but also with what the supreme vision for what Wunderlist formerly was.

2. TickTick

TickTick is another program that functions much like Wunderlist. The program brings in virtually every significant attribute from Wunderlist, such as things like service for lists, sharing lists along with other TickTick users to cooperation, placing reminders for things, and sometimes even assigning tasks to individual members of a group.

Using TickTick, you may even remark about the actions and unite files and notes to supplement the exact thing on the to-do list. TickTick is free and is a good deal of pleasure to use. Additionally, the fact that’s available on virtually every platform out there merely’s lovely. Therefore, you can readily utilize the TickTick support (or program ), regardless of what device you are using, or that stage it’s on.

Among the best choices to Wunderlist, which it is possible to utilize, is includes list service, which means it’s possible to make multiple lists for various kinds of reminders and to-dos. It is also possible to discuss lists with particular folks should you want to; therefore, it is easy to talk about your grocery list with your spouse and a family holiday to-do along with your whole family. also enables users to divide a job into smaller subtasks, which makes it simpler to handle and reach. As soon as you’ve shared lists along with your group members, you can leave opinions and notes to the activity to communicate with one another, and the program even lets users attach files to enhance the tasks.

With, you’ll also have the ability to assign tasks to staff members, so everybody is aware of what they have to perform, and will get to work faster and be much more efficient. The same as Wunderlist, also supplies multi-platform support, which is terrific.

4. Ike

Unlike Wunderlist or some other task manager program on this listing, Ike’s key attribute is to produce its users concentrated using the”Priority Matrix.” The majority of us concentrate on getting stuff done that is urgent but may not be significant.

 The priority matrix makes it possible to imagine what is significant and allows you to complete those jobs first. When you start the program, you’ll be greeted with the same priority matrix. You may essentially assign among the four distinct traits to some job that are Focus, Goals, Fit IN, and Backburner. There is also a bonus button in the center that you may drag and drop on any one of these squares to include tasks.

Ike additionally enables you to include reminders, produce copying jobs, add attachments, and compose notes. The attachments and notes are essential for me since they let me include information that may apply to all those jobs. This is a characteristic that lots of Wunderlist options get incorrect, and I am glad that it is here. The program also includes cool widgets for Android.  The only downside of the app is it is presently only available on the Android device. 


Todoist is just another very well-known to-do record program and is unquestionably one of the programs you’ll be able to look at using as a Wunderlist substitute.

Very similar to Wunderlist, Todoist can also be free to use and download. The program will not have a list attribute, such as Wunderlist, but it is called”Projects” from Todoist. You can assign individual to-dos and reminders to jobs to correctly categorize and sort them.

  Also, I adore its Karma system that monitors your progress and can help you picture your productivity tendencies. The program lately introduced a new Delegation attribute, which solved one of the most significant shortcomings of Todoist. Other characteristics of Todoist comprise  Reminders, Opinions, third-party program integrations, Documents, and much more.  In general, Todoist is very potent and can easily substitute Wunderlist for you. 

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