How to Use Applicant Tracking Software in Your Business

As the growing digital revolution continues to disrupt traditional business practices, software has become an indispensable part of running a successful digital business. With its ability to help streamline processes and operate your business more efficiently, software is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all kinds. From simply being able to access information from anywhere and anytime, to allowing you to run reports on various aspects of your business with ease, applications are simplifying the way we do almost everything these days.

What is Applicant Tracking Software?

Application tracking software helps organizations manage the hiring process. It allows them to seamlessly manage their pipeline, workflow and candidate information. It allows them to track when an application has been submitted, emailed or faxed. It also allows them to track when an application has been read, reviewed and approved.Applicant tracking software is an automated process management tool that can be used to manage the workflow of human resources in an organization. However, it is also useful in other areas, such as accounting and finance.

Use Case for Applicant Tracking Software


Your company hires a new employee and the hiring department faxes all paperwork to the new hire at their new job. How would the new hire know that their paperwork had been received? This type of situation is what applicant tracking software is designed to address. When you use applicant tracking software, you will be able to track all incoming paperwork and know exactly when it arrives at each department. This will allow you to know if there has been a problem with the paperwork, such as a document being missing or if there is a problem with the way it is being faxed. While applicant tracking software can be useful for many different departments, it can also be used for recruiting purposes. If you use Recruiterflow to manage your recruiting process, you will be able to easily search for information to help with your recruiting efforts, such as who is currently looking for jobs in your field.

Advantages of Using Applicant Tracking Software

– Easy to Use – Applicant tracking software is extremely easy to use. While it may require more training than using a standard spreadsheet/word processing software, the program can be easily accessed by anyone in your company who needs to use it. 

– Minimal Paperwork – Applicant tracking software eliminates the need for a lot of paperwork. Instead, this paperwork can be done electronically, which is much more convenient. 

– Know Where Your Applications Are At All Times – With applicant tracking software, you will know where all your applications are at all times. This is helpful because there may have been a problem with one of the applications, such as a missing form or a problem with the paperwork.

Disadvantages of Using Applicant Tracking Software

– More Training – Applicant tracking software is very easy to use, but it is also more complicated. This means that you will need to hire someone to manage it, which can be expensive. Additionally, you will need to train employees on how to use it. 

– Investment Upfront – Applicant tracking software can be expensive upfront. However, it can help you in the long run and it will likely save you money by reducing the amount of paperwork going out. 

– Data Entry – Applicant tracking software requires data entry. This means that you will need to enter all of your data into the program, including information about each employee such as their name, phone number and position at the company.

Final Words: Should you use applicant tracking software?

Applicant tracking software is an extremely useful tool in the hands of any organization, especially those that conduct business with people. The ability to track paper applications and know where they are at all times is extremely beneficial. The primary reason that you should use applicant tracking software is to decrease the amount of paperwork that you send out in the mail. While you can still send out paper applications, applicant tracking software allows you to track when they are received and when they are read. Applicant tracking software is definitely an investment, but it can save you time, money and headaches in the long run. If your company conducts business with people and uses paper applications, it is definitely worth looking into.

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