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A New Homeowner’s Guide to Using Tech to Protect Your Investment

Despite the rising housing prices, buying a home is one of the most worthwhile investments we’ll ever make in our lives. Not only does it build wealth, but it’s also the one place where you can go and feel safe. That’s why now, more than ever, people are turning to advanced technology to enhance their home security. 

Here are a few ways you can use tech to protect your investment – your home. 

Creating a secure entrances

The key to creating a secure entryway begins with lighting. People are less likely to try to break into your home if it’s well-lit! You may have a traditional motion-sensor light, which is fine, but upgrading to outdoor smart lights allows you to create an entire network of motion-sensor security lights around the entire perimeter of your home if you so choose. 

Along with outdoor smart lights, you’ll want to invest in outdoor security cameras that can connect to your smartphone. These outdoor cameras will pick up on any movement that comes within range and you’ll get an alert. You’ll then be able to check your phone and see what, exactly, is causing the disturbance. If need be, you can contact the authorities. 

No home security system would be complete without a video doorbell. You’ve seen the commercials on television. You’ve seen the videos posted on social media. Not only can a video doorbell be a source of great entertainment, you can keep an eye on packages when they’re delivered. You can tell unwanted solicitors to buzz off without going to the door. Heck, the camera will even record movement so that you can catch that package thief red-handed and provide video evidence!

Combining comfort with security

Installing smart light bulbs as a security measure is a neat little addition because not only can you control when the lights come on via app (useful when you’re traveling and want to create the illusion that someone is still home), you can use them to create unique color schemes. Of course, you can opt for simple white bulbs as well. 

Protecting your home doesn’t just mean you’re protecting it from intruders. Technology can also protect your home from hazards inside the home. You can install a smart thermostat and control the temperature when you’re not home. This will save on your energy bill and depending on the model you choose, it will learn your heating and cooling preferences.

Technology creates a safe space for loved ones

In today’s world, you can never be too sure about how safe your home is from people who will ill-intentions. Upgrading tech around your home to make it more secure doesn’t just benefit you while you’re living in the home. With the money you spend on these security upgrades, you may be able to recoup some of that cost when you sell your house. Like you, buyers want to protect their investment and these gadgets can help with that. 

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