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How to Have a Minimalist Home Office

With home offices becoming popular and employees working remotely, having a home office that inspires and motivates you is very important. Minimalist designs have recently become more popular as people are realizing the power of less is more in their workspace. A minimalist design not only increases productivity but also creativity. Moreover, it helps with allowing your workspace to remain clutter and distraction-free. Here are some ways you can design a minimalist home office.

Have a dedicated home office space

The first thing you should consider is having a dedicated home office space. This can be a separate room that is away from all the distractions or a corner of your room that faces away from other things (or is in front of a window) to help you concentrate more. It is highly advised to not have your home office in your bedroom.


The right kind of lighting can make all the difference in your home office. Try to opt for natural light as much as you can. This includes rooms with big windows and/or skylights. When going for artificial lights, choose the ones that are subtle rather than exaggerated. Look for geometric fixtures that have clean lines. Your light fixtures can add a lot of personality to your room. Choose ones that provide good lighting at your workplace. Have a lamp handy on your desk for when the artificial lighting and the natural light don’t feel enough. Installing sheer curtains is another great way of getting natural light without compromising privacy


A minimalist office space requires plenty of storage. Most of all, it requires hidden storage. Built-in shelves, cupboards and technology is the way to go. When getting storage spaces, ensure that you balance them around the room. This means that instead of having multiple shelves, opt for a big cupboard. Tucking away the technology so that it looks clean is also important. You can wall mount your televisions to hide away the stray wires as well as save space in your minimalist home office. You can get your TV wall mounted professionally by https://aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk/

White spaces

White spaces are the core of minimalism. They will, however, mean different things for you depending on how you have them. They can go around in your surrounding area, by having one or more walls painted white, or having white furnishings. Another way to incorporate white spaces in your office is by having clear space on your surfaces. This means most of your “table” surfaces, especially. Having lots of papers and books piling up on your desk or coffee table is going to distract and overwhelm you. 


Having a minimalist home office does not mean that it won’t have any character. You need the inspiration to continue being productive and for that, you need to add your personality to the room. This can be done by adding art on the walls, adding a pop of texture or colour around the room or by putting up personal pictures and inspirational quotes around the room. At the end of the day, you have to work there and to do that, you need to feel comfortable and at ease. 

There are many ways you can style your inspirations in a way that it blends with the room. If you are going for white walls, try having a black frame around your quotes and pictures. Have art that compliments the space. 

The desk

The most important thing in your home office is going to be your desk. Make sure it is placed either in the centre of the room or near a window. opt for neutral colours or shades of black, white and grey. Remember though, white desks collect dust more often as compared to wooden or neutral desks. Consider getting a standing desk or a desk that can change between sitting and standing. Changing positions can help you concentrate better and be more productive. 

Once you have decided on what kind of deck you like, ensure that it has enough storage space. The last thing you need in your minimalist home office is clutter and confusion. Having properly placed shelves and drawers will also increase the visual appeal. Go for desks with hidden hardware and clean lines to create symmetry and harmony. 

Keep only a few things on your workstation. A desktop or laptop, a pen stand and a notebook seem to be the go-to. The basic idea is to have your desk feel clean and ready to use. 


The most important thing in your home office is going to be the chair that you will be sitting in for long hours. Make sure you get a stylish yet comfortable chair. Go for colours that compliment your workspace. A black chair can save you the anxiety of getting it permanently stained whereas a lighter coloured chair can make the place look brighter. 

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