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7 Best City in the World | Top List 2k22

Many people are looking for a better place to live or a place to hang out. But there is hardly a quiet place where people can live in peace. But it is very difficult to find the best place in the world. That’s why we’re going to tell you about the best city in the world for a visitor or a resident to live in. They belong to the city and they are quiet.

7. Singapore Best City:

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This is the 7th best city in the world. This is a very safe city. Also called about this city. That there is no fear of poverty in this city. Because the recruitment of skilled and corporate headquarters in this city indicates that the people in this city will be wealthy citizens in the years to come. This is another major feature of the city. In this city, Raffles Singapore Hotel has been providing assistance to the poor till now.

6. Tokyo Best City:

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Tokyo is the 6th best city in the world. Tokyo is a very strong city. In spite of the epidemic diseases, it has proved to be a success. And the reason for its success is also proven progress. In addition, it can supply jobs to up to 60 billion people Up to 2030. That is why it is the best city.

5. Dubai Best City:

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This is the 5th best city in the world. Dubai is famous for its buildings. That is to say, people can live in peace here. With cheap wines and safety. The solution is wine in Dubai; a new project has been started in which many people can work. The goal of this project is to make more people work and to end poverty.

4. Moscow Best City:


This is the 4th best city in the world. This city has become very strong. Because he kept an eye on the condition of countries and cities, he worked hard and started new projects to eradicate poverty from his city, which led to the eradication of poverty. And people began to live happily ever after.

3. New York City Best City:

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This is the 3rd best city in the world. This country has upgraded its old structure due to which this country has developed a lot. This country has started a project to build two hotels where many people can work and make a living. Also improved museums. Due to this city has become much better.

2. Paris Best City:

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This is the 2nd best city in the world. Many hotels are being developed in Paris. Due to this, the city was very poor. In addition, the city is building up to 5 more hotels. He says world-class art, shopping, and world-class food have brought peace to the country. That no one is hungry. so Paris is the best play in the world.

1. London Best City:

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This is the 1st best city in the world. London is a very good city and will remain so. The world says that this city has never lost its position, it has always maintained it. Shake that this city has survived despite being an epidemic. 

The city added culture, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife for further improvement. Why insist on this work can easily provide bread to many working and poor sections. He promoted this work. Which leads them to success.

Best City in the World 2021

7. Singapore Best City.

6. Tokyo Best City.

5. Dubai Best City.

4. Moscow Best City.

3. New York City Best City.

2. Paris Best City.

1. London Best City.

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