6 Advantages That Mobile App Can Bring To Your Business

We have affirmed and repeated it many times, in articles, interviews, and various webinars: the smartphone, by now, is as if it were an extension of our arm, a daily life partner, a dear friend for some, a precious work tool for others. The reason why marketers and companies need to start considering it more, focusing on the benefits that a mobile app can bring to an entire business.

This article looks at 6 reasons why a business can benefit from application development and the importance of considering an app as the focal point of a mobile strategy.

1. You can reach different audiences

The first advantage of having a mobile app is that of expanding your target audience. Thanks to an app, in fact, it is possible to reach all those users defined as “mobile-first,” who identify themselves above all with the new generations and who carry out most of their daily activities via an app, from simple banking operations to meeting new people.

2. You can stand out from the competition

Having an app for a business that is not mobile-first or that comes from a desktop tradition is certainly an advantage in terms of image, demonstrating innovation and attention to the needs of all customers. This, especially for traditional brands, can represent an element of great competitive advantage.

3. You can get more accessibility

With a mobile app, your service will be accessible to users everywhere: on vacation, at work, on transport, and in many cases, even when the internet is not available. Just think of the many applications of meditation, streaming, fitness, transport, etc., which allow you to download the contents offered and then be enjoyed at a later time.

4. You can communicate with customers more effectively

This is perhaps the most important and, above all, the most tangible benefit because it allows you to take advantage of the two fundamental principles of Mobile Marketing: geolocation and real-time communication. Through a mobile app, we are able to communicate with our users at any time of the day and wherever they are via push notifications and other Mobile CRM activities. 

In this way we can stay connected with our customers, no longer having to wait for them to be in front of the PC to read our communications. Through an app, it is, in fact, possible to reach users when they are in a specific geographical area, while they are returning home from work, or when it is time for dinner, and so on.

Having a mobile app also allows you to have more responsive communications based on special events.

5. The retention rate of your users can improve

Another advantage that a mobile app can bring to your business is to make its customers more loyal to your product or service. Therefore, to have a longer-lasting relationship over time with a higher retention rate.

This is first of all due to the fact that through the app we have the possibility to communicate with our user base more often and more precisely (and to give useful information, to make our users happy ), but also thanks to specific loyalty program strategies and gamification, which makes users more inclined to use your service over time.

6. You can increase your ROI

This point can be seen as a necessary consequence of all the above. Thanks to the possibility of communicating more with users, in fact, not only can we promote more products and increase sales, but we can also give more useful information and increase retention. Consequently, if usage increases over time, the greater the chances of monetization. Furthermore, as seen in the first two points, by having a mobile app, we can reach a wider audience and stand out from the competition, thus increasing the chances of revenue.

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