What Are the Different Types of Refrigerators That Exist Today?

In the market for a fridge? If it’s been a while since you bought one, you may be in need of a little refresher on the different types that are out there. In fact, today, there are many more different types of fridges even than there was just a few years ago.

To figure out which one is perfect for you, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to all the different types of refrigerators you have to choose from. Find out all about the different features and mechanisms that make them tick. Read on for the only guide you need on which refrigerator style suits you!

Smart Refrigerator

If you’re looking for something more high-tech, it’s now possible to buy a number of different types of smart fridges that can perform all sorts of tasks. Receive notifications when one food item is low, and even get it to look up and read you recipes! The options are endless.

French Door Refrigerators

The french door style of refrigerator gets its title from the architectural feature of the same name: french doors (or windows) which refer to a set of side by side doors that open out. In this fridge, the top 2 thirds of the space are reserved for the fridge part, while the freezer sits in the bottom third. This option offers greater fridge capacity and easy access.

Side By Side Refrigerator

In this style, the fridge space is split in half lengthways. The freezer takes up one side, and the fridge takes up the other side.

This option offers a greater freezer capacity but more limited fridge space. It’s also one of the models that can have an ice and water dispenser on the outside.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

This is a smaller option whereby the freezer sits on top of the fridge. This is a more traditional fridge and freezer setup. This is usually the most affordable type of fridge, and it’s easy to customize the shelves to suit your needs.

Under Counter Refrigerator

This is a custom-style of fridge that’s tucked away underneath the countertops of a kitchen. They’re generally much smaller than a regular fridge. This style is most of the time used for storing things like wine or soft drinks.

SubZero Refrigerator

SubZero refrigerators are widely acknowledged to be the best on the market. Their price point is a little higher than the average refrigerator, but you’ll get a whole host of features for your money. You’ll even find companies that specialize in SubZero refrigerator repair.


On the less expensive side of things, you’ll find a mini-fridge (or compact refrigerator). This petit appliance is mostly designed to fit into your hotel or dorm room. It can be great if you’re sharing a living space, or if you want chilled snacks and water in your office.

The Different Types of Refrigerators

Who knew there were so many different types of refrigerators out there? We hope this guide has helped you choose the one that’s right for you. If you’re in need of any more tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our appliance guides.

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