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5 Reasons Why Protein Bars Have Become So Popular

Protein bars are becoming a popular snack among fitness-conscious individuals. Although these products are relatively new in the world of sports nutrition, they have gained immense popularity because of their nutritional value and ease of use. Today, you have a variety of protein bars including chocolate-covered ones and vegan bars as well. 

So, what has made protein bars such a favorable source of nutrition for athletes across the globe? Here are five main reasons: 

#1. They can be consumed on the go 

This is undoubtedly the primary reason for the popularity of protein bars. For individuals who are working towards specific fitness goals, the nutritional sources included in their diet are very important. Most often, this requires elaborate preparation and planning. However, there are days when your schedule does not allow you to plan your meals well. 

Even when you are traveling or have on-site work all day, it is always better to choose a protein bar over other unhealthy food options that are available. Although a protein bar is a supplement and not meant for meal replacement, it is a quick fix when you are on the go and do not have the time for a healthy meal or snack. 

#2. You can make up for your protein requirements 

Today, you have several protein bars that are targeted specifically towards fitness enthusiasts. Even with a regular protein bar, you get at least 5-8g of protein per serving. This helps you get your daily recommended intake of protein easily and helps make up for any gaps in your diet. 

Using a protein bar in between your meals also fuels your muscles and helps prevent any catabolic muscle loss. When you have long periods of gaps in between your meals, especially, choosing a protein bar is a very good option to make sure that your muscles do not enter the catabolic state when they begin to use structural amino acids, causing the muscle fibers to disintegrate.  

#3. The most convenient post workout food 

When you are in a hurry and need a good post-workout meal, all you need is a good protein bar. You do not have to carry a shaker bottle or even sit down to have your post-workout meal. With almost 30g per serving, there are specially formulated protein bars that can even be used by advanced bodybuilders. 

Consuming a protein bar immediately after training has several benefits. It helps refuel your muscles and prevents muscle loss. It also gives your muscles a good source of amino acids that helps them recover faster. When you work out, the muscles undergo some strain, causing microscopic wear and tear. 

They can only be repaired with good nutrition. When you fail to provide your muscles with adequate nutrition, you experience pain, soreness, and stiffness the following day. When your muscles recover faster, it also helps you perform better when you are training. 

#4. They keep hunger pangs at bay 

The base of most protein bars is whole grains like oats and muesli that give you a rich source of fiber. In addition to this, the high protein content of these protein bars keeps you feeling fuller for longer. 

Consequently, the craving for high fat and sugar-rich foods reduces immensely. In addition to this, you have delicious protein bars that taste as good as the chocolate bars that you may crave from time to time. So, you feel completely satiated, even though you have to restrict the consumption of some of your favorite foods. 

#5. They are loaded with other nutrients

Protein bars are also fortified with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. This helps you optimize your diet. The nutrients included in these protein bars are also carefully calculated to ensure that they are suitable for an active lifestyle. 

Your body also gets a good supply of fiber which improves digestion. As a result, the nutrition that you get from your regular diet is also optimized. Your body is able to assimilate these foods and absorb the nutrients better. 

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