Are You A Smarty-pants Brainiac? Here’s How To Tell

Many people in the world consider themselves to be rather smart, but are they truly intelligent, or are they just blowing out hot air? In reality, most people aren’t as smart as they claim to be, but nobody’s really keeping tabs. It largely doesn’t matter who is smarter than the next person, but it is nice to know where you stand on the intellectual scale. If you are curious about your own level of brilliance, you’ll need to know what to measure. Here are just a few ways to help reveal how smart you actually are.

You Learn Quickly

Perhaps the hallmark of highly intelligent people is the ability to absorb information quickly. If you find yourself able to digest new information rapidly, even upon first contact, you may be one of the intellectual elites. What may take others weeks, months, or years for others to comprehend may take you a few mere hours or a couple of days to grasp.

New information is like water in your cup; you drink its contents quickly and easily. When you face an unexpected obstacle, you can swiftly assess the situation and perhaps propose a solution. You can keep up with lecturers, even if it is the first time you encounter the subject matter. Your brain health is at its peak and may even continue to ascend further. Whether natural or cultivated, your knack for acquiring new knowledge is as easy as riding a bicycle.

You Read a Lot

Smart people love books and may even become obsessed with them. It makes sense, considering that adult books contain mostly words meant to convey information to the reader. Intelligence and reading go hand-in-hand because it is one of the easiest ways to learn about anything in a short amount of time. There are plenty of books ready to impart valuable knowledge to anyone wishing to learn more.

An intellectual’s bookshelf could consist of subjects such as: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, philosophy, and more. If not in a physical location, their stash of books may be kept in the digital repository of their electronic devices. They may consume such books daily and finish many titles by the end of the year.

You Ask Many Questions

You can learn a lot by asking questions, and bright individuals are well aware of this. Asking questions puts things into frameworks that can blend ideas from many sources into one coherent paradigm. Asking the right questions can possibly open up doors that they weren’t even aware existed.

Although they are typically quiet, competent individuals may break out of their shells to distill their lingering contemplations. If they do not find answers in person, they may search through books or the internet. They will ask as many questions as necessary to fill in the missing pieces of their puzzle. They always have more questions to ask, no matter how many answers they uncover.

You Know Your Limitations

Smart people know when they don’t know something, which further humbles them. This is one of the lead indicators of intelligence because it shows that the person understands the boundaries of their current knowledge base and must learn more to become relevant. On a larger scale, what we know as human beings is just a drop in the bucket of knowledge in our entire existence.

When you become aware of how little knowledge you possess, you invite even more of it inward. If you understand that your current stash of data is just a tiny fraction of the collective knowing of the world, then you are considered quite intelligent. The sooner you figure this out, the sooner you can partake in the feast on the knowledge of the cosmos.

Yes, there are smart people in the world, and you may be one of them! If you are curious about your own intellectual prowess, the above signs may help you uncover where you stand. Are you smart or not? Now you can find out for yourself.

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