Five Unique Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids for a More Active Lifestyle

Despite the long day at school, chances are that your kids are still not tired and have so much extra energy. Toddlers, adolescents, and teens have so much energy that they need an outlet for it. That’s why many find themselves giving in to peer pressure and trying all sorts of vices when they have nothing better to do after school. Your kids need more than just to learn about history, geography, fractions, and calculus. They need to stimulate their very active and energetic selves.

However, you might also be tired of the same old extracurricular activities for kids-swimming, tae kwon do, music, dance, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, etc. Do you often wonder what else your kids can do? What other unique activities can you offer them if they’ve tried all kinds of musical instruments and popular sports but still want more?

Horseback Riding

If you live near a ranch, it’s good to reach out to the owner and ask if your kids can try riding the horses. There are plenty of classes that teach kids as young as four how to ride a pony. You need a saddle pad and blanket that fits their age, and you’re off to a great adventure. Kids love horses. They love the idea of riding on it. You’ll be surprised how natural some kids are, as well as how brave they are. They won’t even blink when they ride the house. That’s how interested they are in ponies and horses.

The great thing about horseback riding is that it’s a full-blown exercise. It works out your entire body from your arms to the muscles in your legs. It’s also great for one’s mental health as horses are known to be calming and relaxing.


Kids as young as six can begin to learn archery. Let your kids watch The Hunger Games if they can understand that archery isn’t about violence. Make sure you’re there with them as they watch the movie, so you can explain the various scenes. If they are interested in the bow and arrow, then why not enroll them in an archery class? Archery demands focus, attention, and concentration. It’s a great mental activity for kids. Not to mention, it will help them focus better in school, too.


Do you know that fencing is actually a popular activity among kids? Young boys are especially interested in it because of Darth Vader. Don’t they want to wield that “lightsaber” all the time? This might be a good activity for them. Fencing teaches kids about problem-solving. With fencing, you don’t know what your opponent will do next, so you have to think on your toes. It also teaches composure, concentration, and focus. These are the key to being in control when you are under pressure.

Kids will learn a lot about footwork when they go fencing. Hand-eye coordination is another important skill in fencing. It will open up your kids’ skills to other sports.


A lot of people think golf is boring. It’s not. It’s a great sport that’s both mental and physical. Kids as young as six and eight can begin to learn how to play golf. The great thing about golf is that it teaches sportsmanship. You are required to shake hands with your opponent before the first tee and after the 18th hole. It also requires you to penalize yourself, which builds integrity. It’s the only sport that has this rule.

While golf is not the most affordable sport for your kids, there are group lessons in local communities that your kids can join. You don’t need to invest in golf clubs since that is expensive. If possible, let your kids become golf caddies in summer so that they can learn from the pros.


Those who do not have access to a soccer field can play futsal instead. It’s a variation of indoor soccer that’s held in an indoor gym. It uses low-bounce balls compared to normal soccer balls. The best thing about futsal is you can play it during winter. And like soccer, it provides a full-body workout. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Lionel Messi all credit futsal for their success late in their careers.

Your kids need extra activities after school because most of the time, what they do in school is not enough to educate and entertain them. Certainly, sitting in a classroom does not tire them out, so they are full of energy even after school. Find unique activities that will not only keep your kids entertained, but will also improve their physical health. These activities will teach them valuable life lessons that they will take to school and later on, in their careers.

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