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Harvard released a study stating that more homeowners are doing DIY. This information is not surprising because we have so much time in our hands. We get to fix something without having to break the bank. But we should delegate some tasks to experts.

You will likely consider DIY, especially with the news that materials are becoming more expensive. Instead of paying for labor, you can divert the money for supplies. This logic does make sense. But (again) you should not attempt to do some projects.

You might be thinking of several questions. Which projects can I handle? Which jobs should you leave to specialists? To make things easier, let us talk about the different rooms.


Let us work on the bedroom. You can easily recreate this room on your own because it just involves paint and some furniture rearranging. Although it is prudent to choose neutral colors, you do not have to smother the entire bedroom with beige or white.

For example, you can go for white walls and cream bedroom accessories. This color scheme will tastefully match your Bed Jet. Then you can throw in a small wicker basket near your bed for the jet air remote control. This arrangement gives an easygoing yet classy vibe.

If you find this setup a bit bland, you can paint the ceiling with a bold color. You can also opt for white walls and ceiling. But you can choose accessories that are in daring colors. Or you can go for something daring like painting the walls dark green. To balance it out, you can install sconces.

Instead of choosing a neutral color scheme, you can opt for warm hues. You can ask the local hardware store to mix a paint that resembles raw clay or cooked orange. This color palette exudes warmth. At the same time, it will give the room a touch of elegance.


If you are looking for a quick way to make this room look spacious, you can repaint the walls. You can use neutral colors to achieve this. Again, you do not have to stick to whites and beiges. You can go for the pale green. Then you use white for the architectural trims.

If you want a more permanent fix, you need to ask for professional help. This project can already include some minor demolition work. Unless you are in the construction business, you should not attempt to remove walls.

Let us say that you want to get more legroom. In this case, you might need to remove a wall that is obstructing foot traffic. You must not remove the wall right away because it can be a load-bearing wall. Demolishing it can lead to the collapse of a portion of your home’s foundation.

An experienced contractor can help you safely remove the wall. They can also create a design that will make the most out of the existing space. They will point out which kitchen layout suits well for your lifestyle.

You also have to consider the fact that you are dealing with water and electricity in this room. You might need to do some re-wiring or perhaps some minor plumbing work. If you ask an expert to do the job for you, you lessen the chances of being electrocuted.

Living Room

Currently, the open layout is all the rave. We cannot emphasize enough the dangers of trying to remove walls yourself. If you are thinking of opening up your living room, you must ask for professional help. But if you want the room to look airier, we can update the color schemes.

People always consider neutral colors as classy. But sometimes, it can be a tad boring. Do not be afraid to experiment. You can go for sunny or canary yellow. To temper things down, you can paint the architectural trims white.

This color scheme does not fall under the neutrals category. But it brings the light inside your living room. Thus, it gives the appearance of more space. To tie everything, you can throw in pieces of furniture that are white. But you should not too many because they will make the room feel crowded.

If you want to combine your dining room and living room, you must ask for professional help. This project will involve removing walls, so you better ask for an expert to do this for you.

The Bob Vila website lists several reasons why you should engage in DIY projects. Doing things with your hands gives some semblance of accomplishment. This feeling can help stave off cabin fever and depression. But it does not necessarily mean that you will do all repair or renovation work yourself.

You must weigh the pros and cons of doing the job. Your very first question should be whether the task is safe for you to undertake. If the answer is a maybe, you need to consult with an expert. It will save you a lifetime of regrets.

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