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The Best Bags You’ll Need: A List Of Must-Have Bags

Handbags and purses – they carry all of your daily items and shield your belongings from damage, theft, and the weather while completing your look. But with so many handbags and purses in stock, available at different styles and prices, your options can be overwhelming.

How do you go about with your bag selection without overstuffing your wardrobe?

We understand the difficulty of your selection. With so many beautiful purses and Guess handbags for ladies out there, how can you narrow down your selection?

It starts with having the right bags. You don’t need to have every bag – just the essentials. From the traditional chic tote to the casual day bag, here’s a list of bags that you need for daywear, night trips, and other occasions.

The Crossbody Purse

Purses are great for women-on-the-go. They give you a great amount of freedom while keeping your belongings close to you. If you also have items to bring but a backpack just isn’t an option (e.g. the backpack clashes with your outfit), a good crossbody purse can keep your stuff for you.

The best crossbody purses come with a sturdy and adjustable strap that you can easily maneuver. Most of these purses are medium-sized, so they shouldn’t be too heavy. When shopping for crossbody purses, refrain from buying too small bags since they aren’t going to be functional. On the other hand, a bag that is too big for you may overwhelm you.

The Day Clutch

This daytime bag is a fantastic option if you’re fine with bringing only a few items. Smaller pouches are light and cute, but all you can fit in the bag are a smartphone and lipstick. If you’re going to buy a clutch, buy one that comes with multiple pockets and a bit more room so you can carry your essentials.

On the other hand, you can have so much fun with this small bag. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to play with different colors and materials.

The Daily Satchel

This handbag is a work essential. A medium to large top handle bag can hold almost all of your essentials: tablets, books, phones, and even a small pouch for your makeup.

When shopping for a satchel, buy one in neutral-color leather-like medium to dark brown or black so stains and scuffs won’t be big problems. After all, who else hasn’t spilled their coffee in their bag? Also, avoid buying satchels that come with plenty of logos or hardware because they can date your bag.

The Evening Clutch

Most of us will need an evening clutch one way or another, so who says you have to wait for a fancy event before you buy one? The most versatile and timeless clutch style you can own is the metallic or black satin clutch in silver or gold.

Your chosen evening clutch should be compatible with all the seasons since you want to keep the bag for many years to come. If you want a touch of sparkle, choose a clutch that has a bejeweled clasp. This has a lasting and more classic appeal and it goes on with everything.

The Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags have a sophisticated and sleek but sporty appeal. They are also perfect for a woman-on-the-go. Textured suede and rich leather are ideal choices but if you want a more lightweight option, go for bags made from canvas fabric.

You have a variety of medium-sized shoulder bag options available, so your selection depends on your style, budget, and preferences.

The Tote Bag

Every wardrobe should have a traditional yet very chic tote bag, especially one that looks professional and polished. If you’re always carrying a laptop to and from the office, this bag is for you. But if you’re always carrying a small makeup bag, phone and wallet, you can use these totes as bigger purses.

The Straw Basket

This cute bag can be your go-to bag during the warmer summer months. It’s the perfect carry-all bag that offers a bit more fun compared to your other handbags. Use your straw basket to pack up sandwiches and towels for a day at the beach with your friends. You can also use it to pack work essentials.

Fun fact: Jane Birkin made the straw basket her signature handbag – even long before luxury handbag Hermes made The Birkin bag in her honor.

The Color Bag

Black will always be a staple bag color, but sometimes, you’ll need a joy of color to elevate your style and your mood. Colored handbags are perfect for matching clothes or if you want to wear contrasting colors. If you want to go extra, look for a color bag with prints, like a bag with a Mandala flower print.

Give your closet more room to breathe by buying the bags that you need only. We hope this list narrows down your selection!

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