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The Insider On Wearing Glasses At Home!

With the pandemic, we all have found something new to do at home. Won’t you agree to the same? Be it chatting with your friends for hours online or listening to boss ramble about the task of the week. We all have been through the same. But have you noticed that your screen time has increased drastically than before?

Have you not now? But, not to worry. We will give you some cool tips to make your screen time and selfies at home cooler and safer. Just try the virtual try-on glasses tool to buy your favorite glasses to wear at home.

These glasses do not make you feel a nerd. Instead, you would get cool and stylish patterns in these glasses, which you can wear for long hours at home. 

There are two steps to try these glasses when planning to use this tool. These are:

  1. Record a quick video

For using the virtual glass tool, you need to record your head turning left, center, and then right. This will give the tool current measures for your head and the size of the frame. 

  • Try new glasses from the website

Don’t be shy, nobody is looking as it is. So, go to the glasses brand pages on the official website. Click on the virtually try-on button. Then, you will see yourself in the virtual video frame wearing the chosen glasses.

You can go to the product page, find the “selfie view” button to see yourself in the most amazing glasses of your choice.

What do you think? Are you ready to buy your favorite glasses online? Don’t you want to surprise your friends and bosses with the glasses that match your personality? This way, you will not even disrupt the health of your eyesight. 

So, you can head over the official website and start browsing new glasses for yourself. Or, continue to read more insider tips for wearing glasses at home mentioned below.

How to take a good selfie with the glasses you buy online and wear at home?

The answer to that is simple in a few steps. You must have taken a few selfies before? But have you noticed what goes into clicking the best selfie of the day? Read below to know about it.

Find the natural lighting in your home

Nothing beats the beauty of natural lighting. Go straight for it! Open a window or stand on the balcony. Or opt for the view on the terrace. You will always get the best selfies there, even with the glasses.

Be confident while looking in the camera

Make sure your shoulders aren’t slumping. Discover the perfect angles from which even you would fall for yourself. Do this by looking straight in the camera from multiple angles. However, it’s best when the camera is slightly always looking down on you.

Do not forget to bring on your natural smile

Think about something pleasurable or funny. You will then automatically get that beautiful smile on your face, even with the glasses. Most of us already love those selfies more with genuine smiles.

Give your hair a gentle fluff

Until and unless it is a professional selfie, you don’t need to keep your straight. Give them a little bounce or fluff. Try dressing your hair in different styles and see the magic of the most beautiful selfie with your favorite glasses.

Guess what?

SmartBuyGlasses has 180+ designer eyewear brands for you. Browse the website and choose your favorite glasses. We promise that each set is going to be unique, creative, and hold the capability to make you the next style icon in your social circle—straight from your home.

Get the most advantage of our virtual try-on feature, and you will love us for that. 

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