Tips to Play IPL Fantasy League: The Trend of the Times

In a last few years fantasy cricket has gained a well supported pace and fame among the youth. It’s a game of luck and chance but you cannot rely only on your luck as increasing the number of wins may need something more than fate and that’s understanding and techniques to play the game. The more are the chances to win the more is the fun.

IPL money earning app has emerged as a leader in the field. IPL Fantasy League is actually a virtual game. In this game the participants create their own teams with the help of virtual currency. May it be T20 or international leagues or the big bash , creation of teams depends on a lot of strategies and understanding of the game. Yes it’s true that there is a lot of money making but you need to be careful in selecting the players as one who is good at one place or field may not be supportive and efficient all over the world. Winning in fantasy cricket isn’t easy, though it may sound so.

Some important words to be l in mind while choosing a team are:

  1. Player’s recent performance should always be the foremost aspect in selecting a team.
  2. Choice of captain and vice captain is another important aspect to be considered for a perfect eleven.
  3. Analysis of the finest details like the pitch report, weather forecast, tosses, players in form etc.increase your chances of winning.
  4. To be updated with the related news is important to take right decision on time.
  5. Creating multiple teams helps you increase your chances of winning.

How to play fantasy cricket league?

The first and foremost step to play the fantasy cricket league is to signup and register for free at the official fantasy page. After which you can choose your username and your team name and then you are all set to rock the game. The basic concept and format is just like the IPL auctions or the bidding. Each player is assigned some points and you have to make your team by adding the players and the points are deduced from your budget. The game has some rules to the basic concept of adding the players to your team which are the fantasy rules. Before the commencement of the tournament, you are allowed unlimited changes to your team. But after the first game, there are only a limited number of free changes and anything beyond that is going to cost you additional points.But there is no restriction on changing the captain and the vice captain and every change can be made effective from the start of next match.

Fantasy Tips &TricksThis is actually a virtual game that you can help you land with number of prices in hand just like the cricket the tickets and a number of merchandise.

  1. Aim at building a strong team:Since there is a restriction on the number of changes one should be able to channelize the best players in his team. To build one you have to look at the current ongoing form of players and also the probability of them featuring in every game.
  2. Focus on the choice of national players: Though international players may increase your winning chances but according to the rules there number is restricted in a team. So it’s better to go with the national players. This reduces the odds in their favour of performing well in the fantasy league as well. But it’s seen that the team with a better Indian contingent has better chances.
  3. Choice of all-rounders’: Thechoice of all-rounders’at most of the times proves to be a blessing as they can be used in any way to gain more and more points. Usually all-rounder proves to be a golden asset for the team as they can be adjusted in all the three aspects of the game and hence earning maximum points.
  4. Wise transfers: One should not ride a horse for transfers. It is wise to wait for the toss and analyse and then proceed as the situation prevails. It just like going with the flow of the game as sometimes prediction also go wrong.
  5. Choice of foreign players: As we know that choice of foreign players is restricted so one must choose the right players at right time. The choice made should be such that they top the ranking and their recent performance should be outstanding.
  6. Pitch report: Have a look at conditions for better understanding, go through pitch report given by experts before the toss.
  7. Select your bowler wisely and don’t select bowlers too much. As T20 is the batter’s game.
  8. Selection of players should not be based on who going to win the game, instead who going to perform well even if his team loose the game.

The game actually depends on your prediction skills, it’s a game of skill. If you correctly guess the winning team and the performance of your team players in the actual match you can make a lot of cash. However few tips which could be helpful are;

  • Never miss big, consistent players.
    • Always pick those who you are sure that they will play.
    • Pick more players from in-form team.
    • Pick 7 from in-form and 4 from the second team.
    • Strategy to win always differ from game to game and if you want to maximize your chances of winning you should keep your strategy flexible and easy going. This is a sure shot key to win prizes.

This is a unique match-up based fantasy cricket game. Your goal is to just outscore the 5 players selected by pick5 selectors and collect as many wins and as much fantasy points. Studying the trend, form and expectations of 5 players selected by pick5 selector would be paramount.

Conditions (Weather, Pitch, Play timing)The weather can never be predicted with cent percent accuracy. However, knowing the pitch conditions can always help in offsetting the effects of this unstable variable when playing fantasy cricket betting.

Bad weather can restrict the total number of overusing the Duckworth Lewis method and bring down the target.

Understand the Point system. EveryFantasy app like IPL game earns money have different points system, some of them give an advantage to the batsman while some of the given team a slight edge which has bowlers. So, First, understand the point system correctly.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind and making the choices wisely may help you to have magnificent chances of winning the points and as a result numerous rewards.

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