Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Drastic Changes That Will Happen in Aviation This Decade


Since the effects of the pandemic on the airline industry, a change has emerged in the aviation industry. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, these changes will affect the aviation industry and will shape it through the decade, Let’s check them out:

The Changes

1. eVTOLs – eVTOLs are rising in popularity and are highly anticipated to change transportation forever. The flying taxis for individuals are capable of transporting you from one place to another quickly without getting stuck in traffic. Moreover, manufacturers who are researching such vehicles are trying to make them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to helicopters for that competitive edge. Investors are very excited about this industry since most eVTOLs in development are supposed to run on electricity and with improvement in battery technology, the change may come sooner than you think.

2. Network shifts and airline fleet – Airbus, a major commercial aircraft producer that supplies airlines with their products have taken a hit in production capacity. Recent accidents on Airbus aircraft along with the uncertainty of the airline industry due to the pandemic has forced this situation. Hence, the coming years may invite more flexibility from airlines in the form of airline fleet and network shifts. This would make existing high-volume routes more efficient and may promote the development of smaller-gauge aircraft to serve low volume routes at a better price.

3. Environment-friendly fuel – Climate change is here, and the future looks grim if we don’t change our ways. For many people, this is a great motivator to avoid air transportation to discourage the use of large gas-guzzling engines that create a lot of emissions. Hence, airlines are more interested in new technology and alternate sources of fuel that can make us fly across continents without harming the environment. Everything from all-electric aircraft to giant hydrogen-powered vehicles may be a common sight in the future.

4. Increased hygiene and safety – The airline industry has been hit pretty hard during the pandemic. It has taught everyone the importance of strict hygiene and safety standards. Hence, the virus may push the industry towards developing more robust measures to ensure the health of their passengers. The future may hold other health hazards and pandemics. The world needs to be prepared and the airline industry may be leading the change.

5. Skills and organizational capabilities – The age of digitization has transformed many industries and the airline industry may be next. You will see fewer people being employed in call centers, airport operations, and other such on-ground departments. The use of AI and neural network for better engine design, air traffic control, etc. means digital talent would be prioritized. More software engineers, data scientists, and designers would be hired in this industry in the coming decade.


Mark Roemer Oakland predicts that apart from these changes the airline industry would become more united with strategic alliances among them. The pandemic has taught the industry a hard lesson and the alliances would help them maintain their competitive edge even in uncertain times.

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