The Different Types of Car Accidents: A Simple Guide

It is beneficial to be familiar with the different types of car accidents. You can check out our guide right here to learn more.

There are many different types of car accidents but they can all have serious consequences. Knowing and understanding the differences between types of crashes could help you stay safe and know when to claim compensation.

In this guide, we’ll look at several different types of auto accidents and show you how they happen. Learning this information could help you stay safe on the road.

There were nearly 40,000 deaths associated with road traffic accidents in 2018. Knowing how these accidents happen could save your life.

Are you ready to get started? Then read on!

1. Head-On Collision

Perhaps the most feared type of accident, a head-on collision can have fatal consequences. Even if it’s not as serious as that, you could still end up with a heavily-damaged car that will cost a fortune to repair.

A head-on collision occurs when one car’s front smashes into the front of another car. These types of crashes often happen on blind corners where someone is overtaking recklessly. They can also happen as a result of drunk driving or poor weather conditions.

If a car is speeding towards you, steer to the right, off the road if possible.


2. Single Car Accident

This type of crash is where a car smashes into a stationary object like a wall or barrier. It could also involve a car falling off the road. If there’s only one car involved, it’s this type.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, as the driver, to avoid this kind of accident. Keep focused on the road and take all appropriate safety measures.

3. Rear-End Crash

We’ve all been there: we’re out driving and someone is tailgating us. If this happens, there’s a high probability that they will rear-end you and damage the back of your car.

Whiplash is one of the most difficult injuries to avoid here and it can lead to debilitating neck pain.

To avoid a rear-end crash, pull over to the side and allow the aggressive driver to pass. This can feel frustrating in the moment but it’s better than being involved in an accident.

4. T-Bone Crashes

A t-bone crash involves a car driving into the side of your vehicle. This is a very deadly kind of crash and it’s one that can be difficult to avoid.

Many of these crashes happen at intersections, where traffic is driving perpendicular to you. We’d recommend that you pay very close attention to traffic flow and keep your eyes open for speeding cars.

If you see any hazards, avoid merging.

5. Sideswipes

Driving next to another car on poorly lit roads can lead to sideswipes, which can do anything from rub paint off your car to destroy it.

When driving next to another car, spend as little time in their blind spot as possible and keep this type of driving to a minimum.

Avoiding the Most Common Types of Car Accidents

When it comes to avoiding the most common types of car accidents, a lot of it depends on your focus. Pay close attention when you’re driving and you’ll cut your risks.

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