Must-Have Tools for Android Development

Android Development has become necessary nowadays. Due to the increasing number of android users, the need and requirement for android software development have been increased. More than 60% of people use android smartphones around the globe. There are certain applications that are required on the phone that helps you interact and communicate with others easily. These applications are made by android developers with the help of different skills and tools. 

Whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner there are certain tools that you must use that helps you work more effectively and easily. Let’s check out some of the tools that will help you work more easily. 

Android Debug Bridge


ADB is a command-line tool that is used to communicate with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, es, and other gadgets easily. It is an essential tool used by android developers having three main components including a client, a daemon, and a server. It is included in the Android SDK tools package that can be free to download. It is one of the most helpful tools regarding android development and can be used whenever you need it.     

Android Studio


The official integrated development environment for Google’s Android operating system is Android Studio. The tool is specifically designed for android development. The tool can be easily downloaded on macOS, Windows, and Linux-based operating systems. One specific feature of the tool is the absence of the possibility to switch autosave features off. It supports all the same programming languages of IntelliJ making it the desired tool.    

IntelliJ Idea


Like the Android studio, IntelliJ Idea is also an integrated development environment (IDE) that is written in Java for developing computer software. After its release in January 2001, it was the first available Java IDEs having advanced code navigation and code refactoring capabilities integrated. The tool supports different languages having a number of features with many different technologies and frameworks. 



It is an amazing tool used in android development. You can track the overall performance of your production apps by going thoroughly through the insights on key performance metrics that includes memory usage, FPS, disk usage, bandwidth, CPU usage, and many more other. If you want to monitor your performance as well as trace the stats and metrics of your apps then you should definitely use the FlowUp tool. 



The fabric gives the ability to the developers to build a precise mobile app by providing them a suite of kits. You can choose any one of them from the kit that you require. In the kit, you will get beta-testing tools, marketing tools, and advertising tools as well. It is a popular modular SDK that you must try once while you are developing a mobile application. So for a better building and understanding, you can make use of fabrics and can work more effectively. 



This debugging android app allows you to inspect in real-time the network connections that your apps make. It is an open-source library for quick app debugging. The platform allows access to chrome developer tools native to the desktop browser android app. It allows a complete view hierarchy, monitor network operations, inspect databases and perform other actions with ease. Due to its wide library, the application looks like a website.    



The supported languages in Gradle include Java, JavaScript, and C class languages. It is a build automation tool for multi-language software development that controls the development process in the tasks of compilation and packaging that further leads to testing, deployment, and publishing. The tool uses a directed acyclic graph that determines the order in which the tasks can run. They provide dependency management to the tasks. 



Instabug provides app performance monitoring, bug reporting, crash reporting, user surveys, and many more things for mobile apps. It has a customizable feature that states the “shake to send” feature on the side of mobile users and detailed reports on the side of the developer. The users can attach annotated screenshots, voice notes, and video recording to supplement their bug reports which automatically includes network device logs and repro steps. 

Source Tree


Forget the command line and use the full capabilities of Git through SourceTree. For developers on Windows SourceTree is a good tool. It is a free Git desktop client that provides a simple interface to the user. You don’t need to write the command line and it proves to be a useful tool for beginners. You can easily visualize all your changes and commit the branches in a better way. It even allows to stage and discard changes byline, hunk, or file.     



Firebase is a mobile and web application platform developed by Google. Originally it was an independent company founded in 2011 but later on, in 2014 Google acquired the platform. Firebase platform has 18 products that are split into three groups that include quality, development, and growth. It supports iOS, web, OS X, and Android clients. The tool avoids messing with data storage and servers. 

There are even more tools used in android development that makes the work of a developer easy. A developer always needs to upgrade the skills and efficiency of his work and using the tools makes the work even easier. As the tools are supported on every platform it becomes easy for the developers to use them whenever required. The tools take into consideration the factors such as usability, architecture, customization, scalability, and security making the application the best of all. Using the right tools will increase the quality of the application. 

Opting for android training in Surat will help you learn android development from basics to complex sections. You can easily sharpen your skills by learning at the best institutes. You will come to know about all the tools and techniques along with their proper uses and advantages. Youngsters nowadays are more indulged in android development as they know the increasing demand for it. Every large-scale company and firm requires an android developer so that they can represent their application easily globally.                 

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