Why Reusable Bags Are The Only Best Choice?

We all know that the present environment is not the same as it was hundreds of years ago. More and more environmental problems are arising because of the increasing numbers of industries and the release of poisonous gases. With the decreasing number of trees and rapidly vanishing forest areas, trees are unable to purify the air. Decreasing cultivation areas due to increasing population, more and more use of plastics & plastic bags, other non-biodegradable and non-environment-friendly material have made immeasurable harm and havoc to our environment.

Stop Plastic Bags

Most people have now understood the importance of reusable bags in terms of the “end-life” of plastic and paper. Reusable bags help to prevent the litter and landfill that plastic and paper bags create. Another facet of the reusable bag to bring into the larger picture is produced. Reusable mesh produce bags are made from natural materials and far less energy than single-use bags. Paper bags consume more energy and water than plastic bags, but neither of them is a viable alternative to reusable bags.

Are Paper Bags the Right Solution?

Paper bags use 3.5 times as much energy to produce as plastic bags. The difference in water usage in the manufacturing of paper and plastic bags is even more eye-opening. Thousands of gallons of water are used to manufacture paper and plastic bags. When looking at energy and water use, paper bags fall short of plastic bags across the board. Neither is a better alternative than reusable shopping bags, though.

Reusable Bags – Best choice

Compostable and/or biodegradable bags are available in some places and many people see them as viable alternatives. Although they are better at the end of their life, they are much more energy-intensive during their production. Compostable plastic requires nearly 3 times as much energy to produce when compared to regular plastic bags. They also use more water.

Although they are more energy-efficient than paper and compostable plastic, they all unnecessarily use energy, water, and fossil fuels that can be conserved by switching to reusable bags. It only takes 11 uses of a reusable bag to “break even” with energy consumption, and any use after that is like playing with house money.

There are many environment-loving people who are willing to contribute to our environment. Several ways in which we can contribute to making our environment clean and green like we can adopt the green living concepts in our lifestyle. Below are some reasons why effective eco-friendly is the only choice:

The growing pollution includes a large number of non-biodegradable substances that are posing great threats to the environment. We all bear some responsibility towards it. Plastic use has reached alarming numbers and they have been used to much extent that you can see them flying around. They have become a common sight and the saddest part is plastic is often the cause of death of certain sea animals. The need of today demands that plastic must be completely shut down and replaced with reusable bags.

Discarding plastic usage does not mean that there is no other alternative and you had to carry all your things in your arms. The new reusable bag is earning good reviews from users around the world. Plastic bags are cheap but they are making us go through the harmful hazards that they are creating in the world.

Reusable bags can be used for multiple purposes. They can easily carry almost anything- from grocery items such as meat, fish, etc to books and clothes. They are stronger and can hold twice the amount of items as plastic bags.

For people who love carrying stylish bags, reusable bags can be their favorite choice. These eco-friendly bags are now being fashioned by designers and are available in interesting colors as well as totes. Big brands and companies are now using reusable bags to market their products or services. These bags are the perfect all-rounder- creating a style statement, saving the environment, and acting as advertising agents.

Years back people did bring their own bags to the food store and they were made from cloth. Today, if everyone used such bags, just think of tons of plastic waste that wouldn’t go into our garbage landfills. This will make a healthy environment.

Cotton mesh bags come in different sizes, and they are what you need.  You can take them shopping to buy the product and put it in the bag right there. After coming back home, you can directly put the bag into your refrigerator and the bag will keep vegetables fresh.

An excellent way to go green is to buy reusable bags such as mesh produce bags that you can take and use when you are out for shopping. They save a lot of money; you will also be making a positive contribution toward saving your environment. Believe it or not, in doing so, every contribution will help to preserve what is left of our once beautiful World.

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