How To Express Your Feelings And Emotions To Your Loved Ones

Feelings and emotions are a natural state-related state of mind that can be affected by thoughts, how others respond, and the level of happiness and unhappiness. The true essence of life is expressing our deepest feelings and emotions with our loved ones freely without holding back on the fear of being criticized. Sometimes the world feels like a place filled with unexpressed feelings and emotions, as no one can feel what someone is feeling deep inside. The first step to express feelings and emotions is to know what you are feeling and then know how to express them. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share tips on how to express feelings and emotions to your loved ones. Read on. 

Know Your Feelings

1. Our feelings are personal – so we have to accept and identify these feelings. Be it good feelings or bad feelings, and there is nothing wrong with it. We must address these feelings accordingly to keep eating us up from inside. If you do not choose to address these feelings, they will always be. 

2. Our bodies exude a vibration that entails some feeling eating us up from inside. So our feelings are backed with emotions, which are monitored by our brain. We can tell that feelings are taking control because we begin to sweat, shiver, and heart starts to race when we are scared or angry. Knowing how your body reacts will help you identify different feelings and emotions

3. Sometimes, a small issue ends up becoming a disaster. Simply because we did not express ourselves with the right words, we must know the right words to express ourselves. When you are feeling happy, you can use words that will curtail feelings like “fortunate”, “appreciative”, and “joyful”. And when you’re not happy, use “discouraged”, “uncertain”, and “irritated”.

At times we may be faced with complicated emotions like when you break up with someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. You may feel a bit of enlightenment from the problematic relationship, and more hell like you are not lovable. So, you must separate these two feelings – when you do so, life will become a lot easier for you.

Express Your Feelings to Others

1. Now that you have identified your feelings and emotions, the next and final step is to express yourself. Words are the most powerful tool we have to end battles and build relationships. You must own your feelings and emotions and address others saying “I feel” other than “you make me feel”.

2. While communication is the best way to express personal feelings, you can easily express yourself through action too! And you do not have to travel a thousand mile to present your gesture to your loved one. One of the best gifts that will touch anyone’s heart is a cake. With online gift stores, you can send cake to Pune and many other cities. It also breaks the ice and initiates a conversation.

3. When you have established a good communication channel, it is important that you also listen to what your loved ones have to say too! As for feelings and emotions, communication is a two-way road. Listen to what the other person is talking about and ask politely where you do not understand.

Wrapping Up

You must practice the aforementioned tips to express your feelings and emotions until it becomes your second nature. Your relationships with others will gradually improve over time – to the point where you can express yourself without having to worry about what someone will say.

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