Give your husband a fabulous father’s day experience!

The great English poet William Wordsworth once said that a Father is someone “to God Himself cannot give a Holier name.” A father is someone who ensures love and security for the child before and after the child is born.

He is the provider and protector of the family; he is the one who cloaks the whole family with security, affection, and love. We raise a toast to fatherhood on a specific day every year, celebrating it as Father’s Day.

This day is also celebrated as St. Joseph’s Day among Roman Catholics as Saint Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary and thus a foster father to Jesus.

Various countries follow different rules on choosing the day that they will celebrate as Father’s day. Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.

This is a day when you can show your love, respect, and gratitude to your husband with beautiful gifts and heartfelt messages to prepare him for a special day.

Now, as this is your husband’s first father’s day, of course, you will have to give him gifts on behalf of your infant baby. But before you decide on the gifts, you should first plan how the entire day will be spent.

And for that, consider your husband’s own likes and dislikes, his personality and taste. For most of us, our husbands who have bloomed to be a father is someone who is highly protective of their infants and always ready to face anything that comes up to keep us safe and secure.

So on Father’s day, turn the tables around – it is an opportunity to make your husband feel cherished, appreciated, and pampered by sending gifts online in India.

Stepping to the father’s day

  • Start off the day by making him his favorite beverage. Make him the beverage of his choice and bring it to him in bed. Carrying a small card with the message “Dear Dad, Happy Fathers Day”.
  • He then deserves a big warm hug, making him feel like a king for a whole day. You can give him a card and make sure you handwrite inside a personal message to let him know you are the luckiest person on earth because you have got him as your father.
  • By that time, breakfast should be ready, and it should contain all the special items which your husband loves; make sure you make it personally; he will really appreciate the gesture. After that, take a family picture with a camera set on a timer, so that you can also come into the frame. The picture adds to the memory of the special day.
  • As Father’s day gift ideas, accessories are good options, and one can easily go for them. However, try to choose something practical that he will find valuable and use repeatedly. If your husband is very stylish and has a taste for fashion, then watches, cufflinks, and ties can be wonderful gifts, to begin with. But expensive gifts like shaving kits or car accessories can also be considered if they suit your budget.
  • If your husband has a sweet tooth, then a box of liquor chocolates would be an excellent gift. Those fathers who travel a lot can also be given special traveling goodies such as portable shaving kits in a box, nice funky torches, travel bags, etc. His name inscribed on the gift will make it even more impressive. Bear in mind his hobbies, if he is a keen golfer you know that accessories that he can use on the green will go down as a firm favorite.
  • If your husband is an avid reader, it is time to find out which classics are missing from his bookcase. If it is a rare one, then make it a point to leave no bookshop untouched since it would be a very warm gesture to find that special book and give it to him – he will simply love it. Be sure to find out which authors are a favorite and which he really dislikes; a short conversation beforehand can help avoid possible disasters.
  • More than anything, your husband would love to spend time with you on Fathers Day, arrange activities that you can do together or as a family such as picnics, barbeques, cycling, and angling. You could also give him a collection of his favorite movies and take the time to watch them together. A beautiful album filled with photographs of the family can add a bit of nostalgia to his day. Everybody likes to talk about the past and the happy times spent together.
  • If your husband is into trendy and fashionable things then you can buy for him with the latest gadgets in mind, think of laughter too. “World’s Greatest Dad” printed t-shirts, picture frames, coffee mugs will be something to put a smile on his face. Male grooming products such as perfumes, aftershaves, and colognes can also be a good gift for fathers. These perfumes and colognes can easily be ordered from an online store. Do some research online to find out about new releases and tasteful classics.
  • Last but not the least, an old and rare bottle of wine can also be a very charming gift for your connoisseur father. Wine is an exceptional gift as it can add brightness to the mood and spice up the day and also can be enjoyed over dinner. Find out from other family members about which variety he is partial to, and do your best to find a bottle that he will look forward to opening.

This opportunity to spoil your husband comes along only once a year, so do your best to make the day special and choose Fathers day gifts that say thank you for all he does for you the other 364 days in between.

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