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5 Key Sign That Excessive Sweating Is Not Normal

The disorder is manageable and not worrisome for many people with hyperhidrosis. It is a symptom of a more significant medical condition for some, such as a heart attack, infection, thyroid problem, or even cancer. Visit the doctor to rule out underlying medical conditions and develop a recovery plan if you sweat constantly and aren’t sure why.

Sweating is a common and natural way for the body to help control its temperature for most individuals and to cool down as the temps rise. Yet sweating is an abnormally constant part of life for certain individuals, soaking shirts and dampening hands regardless of the temperature or degree of operation.

In these cases, hyperhidrosis affects 2% to 3% of Americans, is known as excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis is not anything to be too nervous about, for the most part. It can be nothing more than an inconvenience that needs extra breathable clothing and good antiperspirants if you are not having any secondary side effects (such as heat rash or skin infections) and are able to go about your usual activities.

Faint, dizzy, or lightheaded, you also feel

According to Djavaherian, when sweating is followed by a sensation of dizziness or lightheadedness, it may signify an underlying health condition, such as low levels of blood sugar or hypoglycemia, which may be caused by a decrease in blood pressure. While these symptoms might not appear alarming on their own, check in with your doctor to make sure there is no underlying reason for concern.

Insomnia, flushing, chest pain, convulsions, exhaustion, or increased thirst and urination are followed by sweating. It will help to decide whether constant sweating is part of a bigger problem by taking stock of your overall health. For instance, insomnia plus sweating can be a sign of hyperthyroidism, Garshick said.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sweating along with flushing (when your face and chest feel warm and change color) may signify carcinoid syndrome, or when, according to the Mayo Clinic, a rare cancerous tumor secretes certain chemicals into your bloodstream. Hyperhidrosiscombined with chest pain often suggests a severe heart problem, so “if you feel chest pain, it’s important to always seek urgent medical attention.

Meanwhile, seizures followed by sweating typically indicate that people are having an overdose of medicine. Fatigued sweating might mean an infection or low blood pressure.

There are also flu-like symptoms, including a fever or cough.

A bacterial or viral infection such as malaria or tuberculosis that is also followed by a cough may be reflected in sweating accompanied by a fever. A fever is the result of a change in body temperature, your brain sets your body temperature a little higher instinctively to combat the infection in your body, which contributes to cold feeling and heat generation. ”This is why, by controlling the body temperature and sweating it out, it is possible to break a fever.” Sometimes, when the fever breaks, people feel an increased amount of sweat.

You are socially withdrawn or you feel nervous in daily circumstances.

If, due to the risk of sweating, you find that you are scared of or avoiding such circumstances, speak to a trusted doctor or therapist who can help you handle these feelings and symptoms.

“It is understood that hyperhidrosiscan affect the quality of life, affect the relationships, jobs, and everyday life of people, and this can happen no matter what the reason behind the sweating is,” said Garshick. A research in 2019 also found that people with primary hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating without a cause had higher rates of anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder than the general population.

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