Best Flight Journey Companion – Tips for You to Buy an Airport Friendly Luggage Set

Buses, trains as well as airplanes are the three major means of transportation for travel.  

For long-distance travelers, especially international tourists, the plan may be the best choice. It means no more uncomfortable train or bus chairs where you must stay for a long time and no more time spent in traffic. However, the airports have their own regulations which may disappoint the travelers. Most of the rules are related to your luggage or personal travel backpack. So it is very necessary for you to know how to choose the appropriate type of luggage, which will help you get out of trouble.

Purchase a Luggage Set with TSA Lock System

Only the TSA locking system is allowed in the airports. If you are the one who travels a million, you should know that. The lock is highly important in airports, which can protect your precious belongings and personal effects.  

Thus, if you are going to travel by plane on a regular basis, you had better choose a luggage set with a TSA lock system that can ensure your baggage safe during the trips.

Appropriate Size

Before purchasing a Luggage, you have to know exactly the dimensions of the bags you can take with you on a flight. The detailed airport and flight info about the size and the weight of the luggage can be seen on their official webs. Each flight company has its own rules and regulations. Besides, many people had the experience of losing their luggage sets at the airport, so taking care of them with you is highly recommendable.

Easy to Locate – Color and Pattern

Once the flight is over and you get to your destination, you need to get your luggage back. In order to locate your set quickly, purchasing stylish luggage set with unique color and design will be very important. I believe no one wants to look for a black bag among the hundreds of black bags, which is really a frustrating moment.

How to Clean and Maintain? Luggage Set and Luxury Leather Handbag

Leather handbags are sure to be the arm candies for style women, while leather products are easy to damage from shocks, wrinkles, fades, waters as well as sharp scorings and the like.  

No matter you are seeking for a luxury leather handbag now or you’ve got one, knowing how to clean and maintain a designer leather handbag is always necessary for luxury leather followers like you.

Choose the Right Cleaning Tools

Different kinds of handbags should be cleaned with different kinds of tools and treatments. And for a luxury leather handbag, the best tool may be a clean sponge or a damp cloth. Do not use a brush or any hard tool, for they may result in some scratches.

Except for a clean sponge or a damp cloth, some professional leather cleaning oil is also required. Never clean a Gucci leather handbag directly with soaps or the cleanser. If you cannot access any technical cleaning oil, then the soaps and cleansers should be integrated with the sponge or cloth.

Cautions During Cleaning

Firstly, you should empty all the contents in your bag. Then mix a few drops of liquid soap with some water and clean your bag with the soapy water using the sponge or cloth. Make sure you have cleaned every detail of the handbag, including the interior pockets. After wiping the leather surface, you should dry it with some clean cotton towels or cloth. In order to keep the luster and glamour of your Prada handbag, a specialized leather protector may be needed.

Daily Maintenance Tips for Luxury Leather Handbags and Luggage Set

For a long time, maintaining leather products always require a lot of work, and there is no exception to designer leather handbags. Except for the technical cleaning procedures, professional daily maintenance for an LV leather handbag is also indispensable.

1. Leather handbags enemies include dryness as well as humidity. Remember never expose your LV leather handbag under direct sunshine. Nor put it in moist environment for long time. For this issue, a professional commercial leather conditioner may be necessary during storage.

2. Make sure you have suitable items in your Chanel handbag and clear away both sharp goods and massy items.

3. Any possible shock and strike should be absolutely averted. If you decide to put your Gucci Bag away, then vacate a reasonably well-ventilated area for it.

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