Machines Make Your Life Easy

Machines can make your life easy. It takes a lot of time to cut. You work hard to get the perfect cut – weighing every piece carefully with a lasting strain of side, arm, and back. Any slips in your coupe or ruler could cause imprecise cuts and wasteful textiles.

Furthermore, what kind of projects do you make? Do you make pieced or applique quilts? Maybe you’re making crafting projects. How about home décor with the Sizzix coupon code? How many projects are you going to make in a year? Are you going to make two or three on a weekend? Maybe you’re going to make 10 or more. Maybe you’re really going to be part of a quilting community and make 30 or 40 quilts. Similarly, what does your sewing space and quilting space look like? Are you on the dining room table, so you have to kind of clean that up when you’re done with your projects? Maybe you have a sewing room. Maybe you have a sewing studio. And then the last question you need to ask yourself is, does my cutter need to travel with me?

Moreover, maybe you’re just always going to be at home working on projects at home, and that’s great. But maybe you’re a snowbird, or maybe you travel in the summertime to visit your kids or grandkids, and you want to take that cutter with you.

What Are The Benefits Of The GO Line?

Let me tell you some benefits of both the GO! Line and Studio 2. Comparatively, all of them can cut 90% faster than with rotary cutters or scissors. So, what used to take you an hour to cut out, you can cut out in five or six minutes. Besides this, we’re going to be able to cut up to six to 10 layers of cotton fabric in one pass. Every time, it’s going to be safe and accurate. Also, it helps to relieve arm and shoulder strain that you have when you’re using rotary cutters or repetitive motion.

So, let’s look at GO! family line of cutters. When you take it out of the box, it looks amazing as its shape is also attractive. It’s lightweight, portable, weighs about 15 pounds. It is too easy to set up your cutter. So, what you want to do is open it just like this. That’s all you need to do. You want to make sure that your cutter is set up on a table that’s about waist high. You don’t want it too low. Otherwise, as you’re turning this handle, you’re going to find that you’re going to have shoulder strain or back strain. Now, every GO! Fabric Starter Kit comes with a cutting mat and a die. You’re going to get hundreds of cuts out of mats, thousands of cuts out of dies. You can cut up to six layers of cotton fabric with your GO! Fabric Cutter kit.

Strat You Cutter.

I’m going to tell you, when you first start, start with four or five layers. Find some fabric you don’t love and practice cutting with Swing Design Coupon Code. I did it to lay it right over my shapes, but my cutting mat on top, and this was really very easy. Now, as the die has passed through the cutter, static has built up in here. So, if you lift this cutting mat up, all the pieces are going to fly everywhere. Here’s my tip of the day. You want to give that mat some love and then slide that mat. I pulled back the pieces, and I got the perfect half-square triangles and squares. Every time, it’s going to be safe, accurate, and easy to use.

Now, watch this, quilters. To set up your GO! Big, you just want to lay it down on a solid surface. It’s electric, so it has a plug. You can just plugin on the floor or away from you. That’s all you need. Now, GO! Big is actually four inches wider than our GO! fabric cutter. So, you can actually run two of our smaller dyes through in one pass. When the dies get to the other side, they’re just going to stop. You don’t have to stand here and wait. Now, you want to make sure you give some love, get rid of that static. Further the slide that cutting mat off rather than lifting that mat.

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