Customer Relationship Management: What It Is and What It Is Used For

Tap Here to get different bills of sale for customer Relationship Management often abbreviated in CRM, is a tool (and also a strategy) that allows you to manage the relationships with your customers and potential customers, the data associated with them and purchase paths.

The end? Analyzing the information acquired, consolidating relationships, increasing company productivity and making relationships more stable and profitable over time. And the relationship is the great treasure of every company.

Because? Just think of these three implications:

  • a person with whom you have established a relationship will trust you and be induced to purchase;
  • a loyal customer costs 5 to 10 times less than a new customer;
  • Loyal customers become brand ambassadors, promoting it in a selfless, honest and freeway among their circle of friends and acquaintances.

This is why being able to rely on a system that allows you to manage relationships with customers and potential customers is nowadays a precious and indispensable opportunity.

What is CRM

CRM is a system of collection, management, analysis, organization and control of data and relationships between the customer and the company. It is a technology that allows you to analyze customers and their behavior over time, to find valuable data and information to prevent and anticipate their needs and to understand their tastes and needs.

Thanks to CRM you can develop a competitive strategy that allows you to act on customer satisfaction, offering people who come into contact with you exactly what they want and surprising them with initiatives capable of making their wishes come true. In this way you will attract their attention, you will earn their respect and you will gain their trust.

And there is also another important peculiarity. Customer Relationship Management is a data management system that each company can customize in relation to its needs, needs, objectives and times.

What is CRM used for?

What is CRM actually used for? It is a technology that allows the collection of valuable data about customers and the relationships you establish with them and that allows you to automate some communication and sales processes.

In particular, the information collected integrates different channels and sources, such as digital channels, call centers, e-mails, interest groups, and so on.

Thanks to these data, it is possible to optimize the company processes and the productivity of the company, monitoring the phases and purchase opportunities, requests for information and assistance, purchases repeated over time, the amounts of each sale and the time frame with which they are repeated for each customer.

In this way you can also make the Customer Journey more efficient, i.e. the customer’s purchase cycle and its value for your business.

Going into more detail of the concrete operations, strategically exploiting the CRM you can:

  • organize the names, data, and cards of your customers and your potential customers in a single database;
  • analyze and classify contacts and customers both in relation to the sales target and in relation to the funnel phase in which they are located;
  • always and easily have information about your customers and prospects;
  • keep track of all communications (via e-mail, chat, telephone, social network, SMS, etc.) that have taken place with your customers;
  • automate some communications, such as those via e-mail in relation to the target audience, the sales cycle, and timing;
  • manage appointments ;
  • monitor communications and their history;
  • monitor sales campaigns;
  • produce fundamental reports to improve your sales strategy ;
  • make sales forecasts;
  • develop products and services based on the in-depth knowledge of your customers and therefore capable of satisfying them and, even better, of surprising them;
  • improve customer service ;
  • win new contacts and new customers;
  • Integrate the communications and information of the various sales and communication channels you use (website, social channels, paid promotion circuits, marketing, management software, call centers, etc.).


In short, it is clear how many precious opportunities you can have available by exploiting your CRM in the right way.

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