Gimkit: how to use gimkit for learning purpose?


Gimkit was designed by and for students to make study easy and to help them engage and interact with their education. This article will provide solutions to the maximum general questions regarding Gimkit. We will help you to know that; how to use it, how to share it with others, and why it may be the good teaching tool for teachers and pupils.

This platform also helps teachers to moderate online classes for students and allows them to help students in an easy way to understand the subjects. Basically, this is an online learning as well as teaching platform for students and teachers respectively.

How does gimkit help students?

Gimkit is an online learning platform for students that help them to learn difficult topics in an easy way. It engages them with it and helps them to learn things in a fun way. Gimkit is just like a game that interact students towards it and let them learn difficult topics in a fun way. This platform allows students to compete against each other in and with other people globally. Students practice their skills by answering different questions asked by the gimkit game. This is how Futemax helps students in improving their learning skills and understanding difficult topics.

What types of questions are available in gimkit?

Gimkit allows different questions to help their users in improving their skills by practicing in an interesting way. It allows different questions like text input and multiple choice questions. Gimkit makes different questions about the desired topic and teachers can also generate questions for their students. This application also allows the teachers to assign them home work and the grading and testing system allows them to know where the individual student is ranking. This feature helps them to improve the ranking of students.

Games in Gimkit

There are many games in gimkit. These games are very liked by the students to play. Some of these interesting games are listed below.

Floor is Lava

This is a game in which the floor of the game is made up of lava. It is a team work game in which the students have to build different shapes to survive on. If the player falls on the lava the player gets out of the match.


This is an interesting mode in which the students have to answer the questions and earn points. There is a big competition between everyone to earn points. These points are used by them in the Pixwox to increase their level. These points are also used to go up in the player league.

Among Us

This is a game which is almost played by every school student. In this game the players have to find imposters around them who are killing other players. If the imposters are found the players win and if the players are been killed by the imposters the imposters win. The players have to vote the player who they think could be an imposter. The same case is here that the players have to find the imposter and vote it to get it off the ship.

This game is beneficial for the students to increase their learning abilities and decision making.

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