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Vancouver CFOs Prioritize Cybersecurity in 2023: Insights from Top Industry Experts

Ed Anderson of Dyrand Systems, Troy Drever of Pure IT, and Jorge Rojas of Tektonic Managed Services weighs in on safeguarding businesses from cyber threats.

In 2023, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern for businesses across the globe, and Vancouver is no exception. With the increasing complexity of cyberattacks, the city’s Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) must prioritize their organization’s cybersecurity to protect sensitive financial data and ensure business continuity. This long-form news article examines the perspectives of three esteemed industry experts – Ed Anderson from Dyrand Systems, Troy Drever from Pure IT, and Jorge Rojas from Tektonic Managed Services – on why CFOs in Vancouver should put cybersecurity at the top of their 2023 priority list.

Growing Cyber Threats and The Evolving Business Landscape

In today’s interconnected world, businesses in Vancouver have increasingly adopted digital technology and embraced remote work, creating a larger digital footprint and making them more vulnerable to cyber threats. Ed Anderson, CTO at Dyrand Systems, warns that these emerging challenges make it crucial for CFOs to invest in robust cybersecurity strategies. “As the guardians of financial data, CFOs need to recognize that protecting their organization from cyber risks is not just an IT concern but a fundamental business priority,” says Anderson.

The Rising Costs of Cybersecurity Breaches

With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and difficult to prevent, the financial implications of data breaches have grown significantly. Troy Drever, CEO of Pure IT, highlights the high costs of inadequate cybersecurity for Vancouver-based businesses. “Cyberattacks can result in loss of customer trust, regulatory fines, and a negative impact on the bottom line. CFOs need to act proactively to minimize these risks and protect their organization’s financial health,” explains Drever.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

To safeguard against the growing threat of cyberattacks, Jorge Rojas, CEO of Tektonic Managed Services, suggests that Vancouver CFOs take a holistic approach to cybersecurity, encompassing not just technology but also personnel and processes. “A comprehensive cybersecurity plan should encompass staff training, strong policies, and a robust incident response plan. CFOs must collaborate closely with their IT departments to ensure seamless integration of cybersecurity measures into the overall business strategy,” emphasizes Rojas.

The Role of Managed Service Providers in Cybersecurity

As cybersecurity threats evolve, it becomes increasingly crucial for Vancouver CFOs to partner with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Dyrand Systems, Pure IT, and Tektonic Managed Services. These providers can offer specialized expertise and support in crafting tailored cybersecurity strategies to protect the organization’s assets.

Anderson from Dyrand Systems explains the advantages of collaborating with MSPs: “Managed Service Providers can help CFOs build a more resilient business by providing proactive monitoring, threat detection, and response services, enabling them to focus on core financial responsibilities without being bogged down by cybersecurity concerns.”


In 2023, the cybersecurity landscape in Vancouver has become more complex and challenging than ever. As such, CFOS must prioritize its organization’s cybersecurity to protect sensitive financial data and ensure business continuity. By partnering with industry experts like Ed Anderson from Dyrand Systems, Troy Drever from Pure IT, an outsourced IT agency in Calgary. Jorge Rojas from Tektonic Managed Services, Vancouver CFOs, can strengthen their cybersecurity posture, mitigate financial risks, and safeguard their organization’s future.

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